Cairn Session 1

Coldwater Foundation for Leadership and Community Development - Mink Lake Wilderness Camp

Saturday, July 9, 2016 - Thursday, July 14, 2016
Mink Lake Wilderness Camp 56 Mink Lake Road Grand MaraisMN  55604
Saturday, July 9, 2016 - Thursday, July 14, 2016
Mink Lake Wilderness Camp 56 Mink Lake Road Grand MaraisMN  55604

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What's Included

Cairn is a 4-day introductory level wilderness trip that is open to middle school students who want to get a taste for what wilderness living and backcountry exploration is all about. On Cairn, you will be introduced to a number of adventurous outdoor experiences, including hiking, canoeing, and a ropes course challenge. You will learn how to work with a group of peers, problem solve, overcome challenges, and make a difference in your world and community. You will hike along beautiful trails, see incredible views and wildlife, sleep under the stars, and paddle remote lakes and rivers. A Cairn is a pile of rocks purposefully left behind for us to see which way the trail goes. Knowing how to recognize a dependable path and having the courage to take it is one of the biggest challenges for young believers. Students will have time to read stories in the Bible and to journal their thoughts. We will explore these themes together in the adventure of a lifetime!

About This Organizer

Our mission is to empower young leaders. By cultivating in each student the character foundations of biblical leadership, we nurture the important connections between what a student knows and what they choose to do. We want our students to understand, be transformed by, and be inspired to live their Christian faith.


Coldwater uses adventure education and service learning to  empower young leaders. 

Adventure Education:

Adventure education is a non-formal educational discipline that promotes the cultivation of good character, the deveopment of relationships within a group, and individual and corporate learning. Adventure education is adpative to various settings and applications to effectively build cooperation and trust, problem solving capacities and a supportive environment for individuals to navigate new challenges involving risk. Thoughtfully designed experiences are characterized by creative problem solving, student participation and deliberate reflection. Experiences range in duration from a half day to multi-week backcountry expeditions and includes activities such as high and low ropes course elements, field initiatives, wilderness travel, map and compass, and rock climbing.



Service-learning is a unique academic discipline that uses community service projects to achieve specific learning objective and to foster the development of social responsibility  and healthy moral values. Through service-learning we have a means to mentor students in the practice of living with generosity, benevolence and understanding towards others, particularly those with a different cultural and faith heritage. Service-learning is vastly different than a traditional service project in that it is formational in teh life of the students because the students is involved in all aspects of the experience from the genesis of the service-learning project to its execution, evaluation and celebration. Student learning is enhanced through processing the experience and transfer of learning to new experiences.


Organizer Info

  • Coldwater Foundation for Leadership and Community Development

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Mink Lake Wilderness Camp 56 Mink Lake Road Grand MaraisMN  55604
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