October 26 - December 07, 2020

Foundations in Realistic Watercolor

October 26 - December 07, 2020 BlackRock Center for the Arts • 12901 Town Commons Drive GermantownMD  20874 View Map Organized by Germantown Cultural Arts Center d/b/a BlackRock Center for the Arts


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About this event

October 26, 2020 - December 07, 2020
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Ages 16-255 · Co-Ed

BlackRock Center for the Arts

12901 Town Commons Drive GermantownMD  20874
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Have you always enjoyed the appearance of an atmospheric realistic transparentwatercolor but wondered how to achieve it? In this course students will learn through asystematic developmental process how to execute a detailed line drawing, transfer it tothe watercolor paper, and practice flat washes with round and flat brushes. In addition,students will learn through lecture, discussion and demonstration how to create tints,complimentary colors, and the use of color theory. Students can anticipate utilizingnumerous practice sheets to gain mastery of techniques that will enable them to rendertheir representational watercolor painting. Supply list will be provided. Students cananticipate having a 45-60 minute presentation each session. The students will then workindependently on the exercises presented while Ms. Littleton offers private instruction to each student for the remainder of the class time to ensure proper technique. Though Ms.Littleton focuses on wildlife painting in her own work, the realistic techniques sheteaches are applicable for all subject matter including still life, landscape, figure, portraitand marine painting. Known to deliver serious training in a fun atmosphere, join J. M.for this entertaining course.

Course ObjectivesUpon completion of this course:
1. Students will know how to select an appropriate image and composition.2. Students will be able to complete a line drawing and transfer it onto the watercolor paper.3. Students will know how to execute a flat wash with a flat and round brush.4. Students will be able to create light and dark values through the use of tints and complimentary colors.5. Students will know the meaning and uses of color theory.6. Students will enjoy creating transparent washes to create a realistic watercolor.

Level- Beginner-Intermediate
Required Supplies and Estimated Costs: $100 for watercolor supplies, supply list will be provided.
Instructor: J.M. Littleton.
Tech Requirements: Computer or tablet connected to the internet .
The course will be delivered via Zoom Meetings which will be provided by the instructor. In addition, the instructor will provide exemplars and visuals as well as all materials and supplies necessary for demonstrations of all techniques presented online. Students will be required to have a computer, appropriate internet and watercolor supplies to participate.
No Class Thanksgiving Week Nov.23 - Nov.27, class will resume the following week.
Required Supplies:
-HB graphite pencil, kneaded eraser, white plastic eraser, pencil sharpener, and a ruler with cork on the back.
-Paper- Strathmore watercolor paper , 18” x 24”, 140 lb. pad or similar quality, inexpensive white sketch paper, 50 lb paper, paper no smaller than 12” x 16” (prefer bigger) and Saral, grey graphite, transfer paper.
-Suggested paper for more advanced painting: 300 lb. Arches Aquelle hot-pressed (advanced students only)
-Masonite board, 2-3 bulldog clips, and masking or painters tape (students may bring a similar quality board).
-Brushes- round brushes, #2, #10, #12. Flat brush, one inch. Recommended brush types, white sable, synthetic sable, Robert Simmons, Sapphire, Scepter Gold or similar quality. Recommended, one container of The Masters brush cleaner B&J.
-One rectangular palette with numerous reservoirs for paint, San Francisco slant palette, one medium size container for water, never used before.
-Watercolor paints- Lemon Yellow, Winsor Red, (professional grade) and Cobalt Blue. Secondary colors- Emerald Green, Mauve (Grumbacher )or Dioxazine Violet (Cotman) and Cadmium Orange (Grumbacher or Winsor Newton Cotman tube paint). Six week classes, new students only need Ivory Black.

Recommended Supplies:
-Apron, or dress appropriately.
-Portfolio case to protect art work(something to protect from rain, garbage bag if on a budget)
-Supply container- Art Bin, fishing tackle box, etc. to transport materials.

Suggested Art Supply Stores:
-Plaza Arts, Michaels, A. C. Moore.
-On-line- Cheap Joes, Dick Blick (downtown store or online).
-Students who have supplies from other classes may want to bring them to the first session if they are similar to ones stated above. However, pupils will need specific materials, such as, tube paint (not pans), reasonable quality brushes, and a large palette with several wells for mixing.

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J.M. Littleton

BlackRock Center for the Arts • 12901 Town Commons Drive GermantownMD  20874 Get Directions

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