USTA MV BG12 Futures #2 North Event

Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Sunday, April 9, 2017
Fremont Tennis Association 810 N Lincoln Ave FremontNE  68025
Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Sunday, April 9, 2017
Fremont Tennis Association 810 N Lincoln Ave FremontNE  68025

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Division: Advanced: BG(12 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,COMP; Advanced: BG(12 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,SE


DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO REGISTER. Online registration is required and needs to be COMPLETED before the entry deadline. In the case of a technical problem, contact the USTA MV Junior Competition Program Manager at or 913.322.4832 BEFORE THE ENTRY DEADLINE. If calling, be sure to leave a voicemail. The time stamp on the email or the voicemail needs to be BEFORE the entry deadline. Again, players are only permitted to register for ONE event.

If you are not sure if you have registered correctly, you may check your registration two different ways:
1. Check the confirmation email sent to you by TennisLink. The email will indicate which events you are registered for. There will be an “s” next to the age division to indicate registration for singles, and a “d” next to the age division to indicate registration for doubles. Please note, that although you may have registered for doubles, you must still follow the process outlined below to be fully registered.

2. Check the “Applicants” tab on the tournament homepage. Next to your name you will see the event(s) and division(s) for which you have successfully registered. If you successfully registered with a partner your partner’s name will also appear on your registration.

Know the Rules, Respect The Tournament
The section is grateful for the hospitality extended by the member clubs and organizations hosting sanctioned tournaments. As a player, please show your consideration and appreciation while a guest during the tournament. Remember, the USTA Missouri Valley is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance. Please respect the rules, officials, other players, and tournament staff at all times and make this tournament a positive experience for everyone involved.

Please also make sure you know the rules and guidelines for this tournament by fully reviewing the information below:

This tournament is closed to amateurs and members and residents of the USTA Missouri Valley section.

Entry Restriction
If you are registered for this tournament, you may not also be registered for the south event. Players must choose to register for one event, and may not be registered for both. Any players registered for both the north and south events will not be considered for selection in either event.

Once selection is complete, any players who were not selected will be placed on a combined alternates list with the alternates from both north and south events. The alternates will be listed in rank order based on the Missouri Valley Standings List used for selection into the tournament. If a withdrawal happens in either event, the first alternate will be notified and will have the option to accept the spot or remain on the alternates list for an opening in the other tournament.

a) If a player accepts the spot, they will be placed in the draw and will not have the option to switch tournaments if an opening in the other tournament becomes available. In addition, the player may not request to be placed back on the alternates list

b) If the player chooses to remain on the alternates list, the next alternate will be contacted and the first alternate will be considered only for any withdrawals in the other event. The player will not be contacted again for the tournament in which they declined to participate

Point Level
Please view the USTA Missouri Valley Rules and Regulations for the compass draw table for this event

Draw Size
The singles draw is limited to 16 players. The doubles draw is limited to 8 teams.

Draw Type
Singles: This tournament will use a compass draw. If the draw is full, each player will be guaranteed 4 singles matches
Doubles: Doubles will use single elimination

Selection-Players are selected into the tournament in the following order:
1. District Endorsement (Please check with your district for their endorsement process)
2. At Large: The remaining spots are selected based off the most recent MV Standings List published before the draws are made

Scoring Format:
Singles: Best of three tie break sets with a ten point tiebreak in lieu of the third
Doubles: 8 Game Pro-set, with 7 point tiebreak if score reaches 8-all.

Seeding for this tournament will based on the most recent USTA Missouri Valley Standing list used to accept players into the draw

This event is a Saturday-Sunday tournament. There will be a mandatory parent meeting and check-in on the Saturday morning before the tournament begins with match play immediately following

Doubles -
There are two ways in which a team will be placed in the doubles draw.
1. If both members of the team sign up with each other online, and both have gained entry into singles they will be placed on the draw at the time of singles selection. BOTH partners must have indicated each other as partners to be considered. If both signed up together online, but one of the players did not make the singles draw, it will be necessary to follow step 2 below to confirm your registration

2. After on-line singles registration closes, a team may be placed in the draw by contacting the tournament director (information above) with your partner’s information by 12:00 PM on the Monday before the start of the tournament. Both partners need to contact the tournament director to verify the team. If both players do not confirm with the tournament director, the team will not be accepted into the draw. Again, if you registered for doubles correctly in step 1, but one player did not make the singles draw, please confirm with the tournament director that you would still like to be considered for doubles only. If you do not confirm, it will be assumed that you do not wish to play doubles.

If you do not have a partner, email the tournament director by the above deadline and let them know you would like to be placed into the blind draw. If you are placed in the blind draw, it is not guaranteed that there will be a partner for you. Teams in the blind draw are selected at random and there is not always an even number of players to be paired. Thanks for your understanding.

Please make every effort to secure a partner and register online correctly prior to the entry deadline. This requires your partners USTA number upon registration.

Inclement Weather
This tournament is NOT required to provide indoor backup, but in the event indoor backup is available and the tournament director chooses to move indoors, there may be an additional fee charged per player per match. There is the possibility that matches could be shortened or cancelled if the tournament gets too far behind due to weather. Inclement weather causes problems for everyone. Please be patient and understanding while alternate plans are being made. Please give the tournament director space and time to re-work the schedule and check the tournament homepage for updates.

Withdraws and Refunds –Withdrawals done before entries close need to be done through the online registration process. Click on the "Withdraw" link in the Edit Registration box to complete. Your credit card will not be charged if you withdraw before the entry deadline. Click on the "Locate Confirmation Number" link if you have misplaced the confirmation number.

After the Entry Deadline: Withdrawals done after entries close need to be emailed to the tournament director at the address above. Refunds are not given for withdraws that happen in the 6 days before the start of the event. Written verification must be provided by a medical professional by the last scheduled day of the tournament for a withdrawal due to illness or injury. A written notice of the situation must be provided by the last scheduled day of the tournament for a withdrawal due to personal circumstance/emergency. The tournament committee will determine whether the situation is a personal circumstance/emergency. Failure to provide documentation will result in Suspension Points.

On-Site Alternates - Players who applied for entry into the tournament but were not accepted into the draw may choose to be an on-site alternate. On-site alternates will be listed in the order in which their names appear on the USTA MV Standing List that was used for selection. On-Site alternates MUST be on site for the first round of play in the age division for which they are an on-site alternate. Please contact the tournament director for further instructions.

Sportsmanship: The USTA Missouri Valley recognizes good sportsmanship at our events. At the conclusion of each event the tournament director selects one boy and one girl in each age division as a good sportsman. These players will be recognized on the tournament homepage and will also receive a $25 gift card to Tennis Warehouse.

Tennis Warehouse Discount:

Thank you for participating in the tournament! Good luck!
USTA - Boys' 12 Doubles; Boys' 12 Singles; Girls' 12 Doubles; Girls' 12 Singles

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Fremont Tennis Association 810 N Lincoln Ave FremontNE  68025
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