The M drill is primarily a defensive drill. You will need 5 cones to set this up.

The shape of your cones will eventually form and M. Numbers 1-5 represent the different turns in the M shape, with one and five being the starting and stopping points if you were actually writing this capital M. The distance between cones 1 and 2 should be roughly ten yards. The distance from cones 2 to 3, and cones 3 to 4 should be five yards. Finally, the distance from 4 to 5 should be ten yards.

All cones are set at an angle to provide quick acceleration forward to quick hip turns in the back pedal. On a coach's whistle, a player will begin his movement around the cones. From Cone 1, the athlete will back pedal to 2. Next, they are to run to 3 while turning their hips towards 4 (facing towards coach). As the player reaches cone number 4, coach throws ball to player with player returning ball at full speed to cone 5.

This drill is good for technique but also is a valuable tool in DB communication before and after an interception. Coaches should always check for hip turns at cones 2 and 4. This drill can and should be run in reverse.

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