Endless Effort Pays Off for Recruit

The Visit

Brock and his parents flew to Nevada, then made a two-hour drive to Cedar City, Utah. There, they checked into their hotel before Brock was treated to a nice dinner at a local steakhouse.

Brock met several coaches and team members and bounced questions off them about the program and specifically the kicking situation. After dinner, they went back to one of the player's dorms and played video games, shooting the breeze and talking about Southern Utah football.

The next day, Brock took an official tour of the campus, learning about the history of the school and the academic opportunities he would have. Before they left to go back to California, a Southern Utah coach pulled Brock aside and offered him a scholarship.

Brock didn't commit right away, but he liked Southern Utah a lot. He had a leader with signing day approaching fast.

Decision Time

Whatever Brock Miller eventually decides, it will be the end of an exhausting process that will have countless rewards.

Brock Miller

For one, he will play college football--something a lot of kids dream of. All the different steps of the recruiting process, including the final decision, brought the Miller family closer together. And Brock learned a valuable lesson early on that will make him a success in life: there is no substitute for effort.

 High school football is finished, but Miller still trains every day, working on his kicking, his strength and his flexibility. His dad set up a big net in the back yard for Brock to kick into. After Brock killed the grass, Doug installed a patch of artificial turf for Brock to practice kicking on.

Brock Miller is just a face in the recruiting crowd, quick to say that he's hardly the best prospect out there. But future recruits can learn something from Brock's approach.

After all, it worked.

"Work hard every day," Brock said, "because that way you know that at the end of the day, I put in 100 percent, so when the next step comes around I'm going to be ready for it."

UPDATE: As thousands of high school players made their intentions official on signing day, so too did Brock Miller. He picked Southern Utah and will join the Thunderbirds for the 2009 season.

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