A Day of Perfect Eating


Let's face it; life is pretty hectic. It can be hard to feed your body with the right nutrients as you juggle your work, home and social life.

You're always on the go. And when you're running around town, it can be tricky finding foods that don't push you over that 2,000 daily calorie total.

Take the guesswork out of what to eat. Fuel your body for your active lifestyle and maintain your weight goals. Nutrition expert and founder of Shana Skinny Tea, Shana Kurz, shares tips and advice on how you can create a meal plan for a day of perfect eating.

How Many Meals?

Stick to three meals a day. And don't make them too small. If your meals are nutrient dense, you should feel full for 4 to 5 hours, Kurtz says. "Three meals per day are better than mini meals because you have less time throughout the day to make a bad food decision," Kurtz says. "You avoid the snack-type foods like crackers and pretzels."

Nutrients to Include

Women should focus on vegetables for the majority of each meal and then add in beans, seeds and nuts, Kurtz says. Lastly, add fruit or healthy oils such as coconut or flax seed to your meal. "A salad topping with hummus, hemp seeds and grapes with some flax oil as a dressing will be low in calories, healthy and filling." Kurz says "To stay feeling full, we need fiber, which is a form of carbohydrates. The best source of fiber are vegetables and with vegetables you also get the added bonus of dozens of micronutrients." What about protein? Americans tend to get plenty of protein in our diet, Kurtz says. "Our bodies also make protein from amnio acids, which are present in all foods, so usually protein doesn't need to be a focus for a healthy diet," Kurtz says. "Healthy fats are an essential part of our diet and should be added in small quantities to each meal."

How to Spice Up Your Meals

Kurz loves the Whole Foods app, which has an "on-hand" function that allows to you type in what you want to cook and then provides a list of recipes with the ingredients. Signing up for a Community-Supported Agriculture membership or shopping at your local farmer's market are two ways to find new healthy ingredients, Kurtz says. Still, it's great to have those 3 to 4 fall back recipes to keep you on track, Kurtz says. And whatever you prepare, make extra for leftovers, which are perfect for lunch or snacks, she says.


Start your day off right with these breakfast suggestions:

Steel cut oats
Yogurt with granola and fruit


Stay energized with these lunch ideas:

Big salad
Soup or dinner leftovers


Snack on these when your stomach starts to grumble:

Raw veggies
Sting Cheese
8 oz. yogurt cup


Create one of these tasty dishes for dinner:

Veggie burger
Burrito bowl
Side of veggies
Side of greens
4 oz. of fish

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