The Bounce Stops Here

About 60 percent of women experience breast pain during exercise. But don't give up—the right sports bra can eliminate much of the suffering. When British researchers studied 70 women ranging from size A to F, they found that encapsulation bras, which have separate molded cups, reduced pain the most by stopping motion in all directions—not just up and down—for better support and more comfort. We had readers walk, jog, and kickbox in the latest models. Here, their favorites:

Best for A-B

The Moving Comfort Alexis cuts bounce without flattening like a pancake. "It gave me shape and support," our tester raved. ($34; for store locator)

Best for B-C

The underwire in the Adidas Simia lets it double as a daytime bra—yet its wicking fabric keeps you dry if you take a brisk walk at lunch. "It was so comfy, I fell asleep in it," our tester admitted. ($40;

Best for C-D

The Champion Powersleek controls bounce in two ways: with molded cups and compression fabric. Our tester loved the front-adjustable straps. "I didn't have to contort my body to get it on." ($40;

Best for D and Larger

The Enell 100 Sports Bra's double-layer fabric, extra back support, and wide straps provide maximum motion control without making you feel like you're wearing a corset. "Despite the firm hold, it didn't pinch or bind," our tester said. ($60; for store locator)

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