The Best Fitness Tech Gifts


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Health and fitness technology continues to grow and be an important part of the industry. As people search for help in their physical activities, mind-body practice, recovery and nutrition, the technology is rapidly changing to improve and meet their needs. And the options can be overwhelming for beginners and professionals alike, especially when searching for the perfect gift within your budget!

Our ACTIVE Reviews Team dug through our favorite tech items, testing each one in areas like connectivity, ease of use and even style. From fitness trackers to body composition deciphers to recovery aids, this list will help simplify your search for the best fitness tech gifts.

Best Fitness Tech Gifts - Our Favorites

Best Fitness Tracker - Garmin vivosmart 4


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Affordable, stylish and functional, the Garmin vivosmart 4 stands out in the wearable technology world. Like most wrist-worn trackers, it monitors heart rate, VO2 max, stress levels and management, recovery and fitness activities and is safe for swimming and showering. However, you also get features like advanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep and blood oxygen saturation levels–something not found on many tracking devices.

With a battery life of up to seven days, the vivosmart 4 connects with a smartphone to receive vibration alerts for notifications and GPS for tracking outdoor activities. It automatically syncs with Garmin’s extensive virtual community to join health challenges, earn badges and share via social media. While we did find that the slim design could present challenges for reading the screen, overall we think this is one of the best value fitness trackers on the market.

  • Key Feature: Sleep monitoring with REM sleep and blood oxygen saturation levels with Pulse OX2 sensor
  • Battery Life: Up to seven days
  • Tech Compatibility: Works with iOS and Android devices

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Best Smart Home Gym - NordicTrack CST


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Looking for an all-in-one gift for the fitness lover in your life? The NordicTrack Fusion CST is a home gym weight machine with a space-conscious design that features on-demand and live classes via iFIT programming. iFIT is an on-demand virtual personal training system that syncs with the magnetic resistance cables on the Fusion, so a trainer can actually adjust the weights as you work out.

The Fusion CST comes with a Bluetooth chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring and a 10-inch tablet for workout displays, tracking and feedback. The cables of this system aren’t height adjustable, and it’s hard to equate magnetic resistance levels to conventional weightlifting capability. Still, you get a lot of value from a machine that works all your muscle groups.

  • Key Feature: Access to iFIT library and in-home personal training sessions
  • Battery Life: Maintain charge on tablet for workouts and feedback
  • Tech Compatibility: Chest strap and tablet come with the gym or can connect to iFIT with a smartphone

BUY: NordicTrack Fusion CST

Best GPS Watch - Garmin Forerunner 55


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There's no doubt that the Garmin Forerunner 55 is a gift to impress any fitness enthusiast. This easy to use GPS watch is more than just a running watch. With some advanced training tools normally found only on more expensive lines, the Forerunner 55 works for runners, swimmers,cyclists and any fitness fanatic out there. Easily track distance, time, pace and speed, as well as heart rate using a wrist sensor. For more guidance, use the free Garmin Coach, which individualizes training plans based on goals and fitness levels. Using your training history and recovery time, the Forerunner 55 will also provide daily run recommendations.

Still not convinced this watch rocks? The feature list continues with built-in sports apps, including treadmill runs, pool swimming, Pilates, indoor cycling, elliptical training, yoga, HIIT and breath work. There’s more! You can monitor movement beyond the workout as the Forerunner 55 tracks steps, stress, energy levels, fitness age, respiration and women’s health tracking as well. Really, there's no question that the Forerunner 55 has the technology, versatility and comfort that makes for a fantastic gift to any athlete or for everyday use.

  • Key Features: Built-in GPS, safety and activity tracking
  • Battery Life: Two weeks in smartwatch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
  • Tech Compatibility: iOS 13 or higher and 7.0 Android operating system or higher

BUY: Garmin Forerunner 55

Best Weight Scale - Sharper Image SmartConnect Bluetooth Body Scale


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There is so much more to weight than a number on the scale. To really gauge health and fitness, it's important to know and analyze Body Mass Index. Traditional scales just show weight, but the Sharper Image SmartConnect Bluetooth Body Scale provides users with BMI. This information can be sent directly to a smart device via bluetooth technology to track progress toward personal health goals. Need some visual motivation? Chart progress on a personalized graph and stay on track with real data.

The Sharper Image SmartConnect Bluetooth Body Scale fits in with any home decor because, well, it looks cool. Its shiny contemporary design features a blue backlit display, large readable numbers, a 440-pound weight capacity, and instant-on and automatic shutoff technology. Give the gift of health in the neatly contained Sharper Image SmartConnect Bluetooth Body Scale.

  • Key Features: Weight and BMI information brought directly to your smart device, 440 lb. weight limit, small footprint (12.5" x 12.5" x 1")
  • Battery: Operates on four AAA batteries, automatic shutoff extends battery life
  • Tech Compatibility: iOS 6 or later, Samsung Galaxy/Android compatibility for platforms released after 2014

BUY: Sharper Image SmartConnect Bluetooth Body Scale

Best Massage Gun - Theragun Prime


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You might be surprised to see a massage gun on a tech list, but the Theragun Prime integrates via Bluetooth with several apps. After learning the user’s fitness habits, the app sends guided routines for optimal recovery. How’s that for a targeted massage?

Even without the tech, the Theragun Prime is a great option. It’s ergonomic and comes with four foam attachments that are easy to clean and store. While other massage guns are noisy, this model’s upgrade features an advanced motor for 70% noise reduction. According to Theragun, the Prime’s design allows the user to hit all the muscles from all the angles and reach 60% deeper into the muscles than other massage guns.

  • Key Feature: App integration for personalized recovery plans
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Tech Compatibility: Bluetooth connection with Apple Health and Google Fit apps

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Best Cardio Workout App – iFIT


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Know someone in your life who loves cardio but needs a push? iFIT is a subscription-based health and wellness app that offers a multitude of live and on-demand classes for running, biking and HIIT. Diving deeper, you gain access to virtual personal training, mind-body guides and even cooking classes.

Some treadmills, ellipticals and bikes are compatible with iFIT, so the program automatically adjusts the machine for you. However, you can also download the app and take it with you on your smartphone while running or stream it from a tablet in your living room. iFIT also provides selections for music during the session, as well as the ability to separately control the volume of the music and trainer’s voice. Subscriptions are $180 per year for an individual, or opt for a family plan of up to four people for $396 per year.

  • Key Feature: Live and on-demand classes
  • Subscription: Choose from individual or family plans
  • Tech Compatibility: Available on Android and iOS

BUY: iFIT Subscripion

Best Virtual Personal Trainer – Future


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Convenient, customized and affordable, the Future app delivers personal workouts in your living room. Professional and experienced trainers develop plans suited to your fitness level, goals and available workout equipment. Upon signing up, participants receive an Apple Watch that can broadcast the workout of the day right there on their wrist.

If you stream Future from a tablet, the screen features people moving in real-time to demonstrate movements. Clients are taken through a personalized warmup, workout and cool down. Trainers leave notes and recommendations, and clients can video their workouts for feedback. This app leaves no room for excuses as workout sessions can be developed for home, on the go and even without equipment.

  • Key Feature: Virtual personal training specifically designed for each user
  • Battery Life: Keep accompanying Apple Watch charged
  • Tech Compatibility: Designed strictly for Apple products

BUY: Future Subscription

Best Blender – Nutribullet


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One of the quickest, easiest and most delicious ways to get vitamins is with a smoothie. A great gift for any wellness-minded person in your life is Nutribullet. It’s small, easy to clean and simple to use. With one speed, the Nutribullet blends the drink in a BPA-free cup. You simply press a button, blend, remove the blade and go. It’s that easy.

Nutribullet even includes a recipe book with the purchase. It features a 600-watt motor and–bonus!–it’s dishwasher-friendly (top rack only). Sure, this isn’t super heavy on the tech, but it does make life a little easier by providing simple meal solutions.

  • Key Feature: Simple to set up and use
  • Battery Life: A/C adapter included with purchase
  • What’s Included: An entire book of recipes, BPA-free cup and lid

BUY: Nutribullet

Best Kitchen Scale - Sharper Image Smallest Kitchen Scale


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Take a minute and think of those you need to buy a gift for because, we promise, someone in your life is in need of a Sharper Image Smallest Kitchen Scale. While it's a phenomenal tool for counting macros or anyone with dietary restrictions, there are a myriad of other uses as well. This little electronic wonder measures up to 11 pounds at an impressive level of accuracy. It displays weight in ounces, pounds and grams. It comes with a "tare" feature which measures just the contents of a containe, taking any and all guesswork out of baking or food preparation of any kind.

The Sharper Image Smallest Kitchen Scale supports the age old saying, "good things come in small packages." This compact little tool fits in the palm of your hand and therefore is extremely portable, so you can stay on track with your food intake while on the road. It's so precise that it can be used to weigh mail or other small items in the home, too—the uses are endless.

  • Key Features: Compact size (4.75" x 3.75" x 1.25"), add and weigh tare feature
  • Battery Life: 9V battery, automatic shutoff to extend battery life
  • Weight Options: Measures in ounces, pounds or grams

BUY: The Sharper Image Smallest Kitchen Scale

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