Improve Your Snowboard and Ski Fitness in 8 Weeks: Phase 1

Aerobic Training

You need energy to last the day, so aerobic base first, then start with interval training once or twice per week.  Aerobic or steady state training is optimal at two sessions per week for 45-55 minutes at a moderate pace. On alternate days, develop your anaerobic threshold using best using 60-90 second interval, 60-90 second recovery.  You should repeat that work/rest interval for a full 35-40 minutes before cooling down. Cycling is really good for interval development, second would be total body elliptical or stair machine.


While formal plyometrics or jumping exercises have little benefit before you maximize your strength, you can still start the agility process with activities like volleyball, basketball and racquetball which all have movement-change components. This will allow you to have some fun while letting your body gradually adapt to directional challenges.

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Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, PhD is the Program Director for the Rose One Medical Center facility for health and sport science based in Denver, Colorado. They offer extensive health, fitness, sports assessment and exercise programs for the novice exerciser to the professional athlete. 

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About the Author

Neil Wolkodoff

Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, is Medical Program Director for The Denver Center for Health & Sport Science,, a medical testing and exercise center located at Rose Medical Center in Denver which provides physiological assessments and training programs for a wide variety of athletes. A former competitive skier and ski coach, he is author of the soon to be released book, Physical Skiing.

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