How to Stick to Your Plan

Have you ever started a weight loss routine only to be disappointed when your weight doesn't change?  This is one reasons why many individuals stop a weight loss plan. It's also a reason why people re-gain weight.

Choosing a diet that is right for your body is important. For many people, it's the first step to getting in shape. Individuals who are significantly overweight or who have other health issues, should start with a diet change first.

Adjusting the diet can significantly reduce high blood pressure, knee pain, or even asthma. It also makes an exercise routine easier on the body.

The diet you choose should be representative of your lifestyle, needs, likes and dislikes.  Meals that are unappealing, or take a significant amount of time to prepare when you are used to convenience foods, will be harder to stick with. 

There is no one diet plan that will work for everyone. When choosing a plan, make sure you see yourself sticking to it long-term. Remember, diet means "manner of life" and you should never plan to go off of a diet.

Those that are unable to exercise due to medical issues or physical impairments can still experience significant weight loss just by a change of diet. Choose foods that are high in nutrient value and lower in calories will cause significant changes in the body. 

To make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories for your activity level and body type, try a total energy expenditure calculator. Be sure to set the weight for the weight you would like to achieve.

When beginning an exercise routine, just like diet, make sure you choose one that fits your lifestyle. If you've never ran before, don't attempt to run several miles. You will get burnt out very quickly and you could injure yourself. 

An easy way to start an exercise routine is by walking. To burn more fat in addition to walking, try lifting light weights a few days a week.

Weight loss is definitely possible with just exercise. However, it is important to make sure you don't increase the number of calories you are consuming after you begin exercise. 

Also, remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Often times it's not what the number on the scale says, but rather how you feel and the way your clothes fit.

The best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to incorporate both diet and exercise into your routine.  Diet will keep your body functioning properly as well as reduce the amount of fat on the body. 

Exercise will tone muscle and build up endurance. Combined, these will help you achieve and remain at your healthy body weight.

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