How to Exercise on a Budget

In today's struggling economy it's a challenge to create healthy meals and exercise while on a budget. Once a commitment for a healthy lifestyle has been made, most individuals find that they are in desperate need of guidance.

Let's be honest, nowadays gym memberships are out of the question because they can be pricey—let alone getting a personalized workout plan from a personal trainer. You have to do the research and rely on yourself to start your health and wellness journey.

This can be an arduous task for those who are new to this lifestyle—and without having the proper tools,  may result in failure.

Why are the prices for gym memberships, equipment, or classes so expensive? It can be quite discouraging, but don't let that stop you from reaching your fitness goals.

There are various alternatives to start a workout routine without purchasing a costly elliptical or weight machine you may see advertised on that late night infomercial. For example, instead of investing expensive weight machines, you can purchase free weights. They can be bought in a variety of pounds starting at prices as low as $4.25. Another option for your resistance training is to use resistance bands; which are also priced at a reasonable rate of $4 and up. Mats can cost as low as $10. All of these items can be found on

You can also utilize common objects you have around your home. Take some cans of soup out of your cabinet and turn them into a great upper-body workout to tone your shoulders and biceps. If you have a phone book, or any thick book lying around, or a one-gallon water jug; you can use these items to do a squat routine to work your lower body. Or, do side bends to work your obliques.

Lace up your shoes and hit the pavement. Running or walking is a fantastic cardio workout and costs nothing.

In the end, money shouldn't be a reason to skip workouts. With an open mind and little creativity, you can utilize what you have and begin your journey to a healthier new you.

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