Creative Calorie Burners

If you're just starting to exercise, check with your doctor for any restrictions. People with heart problems, high blood pressure, chest pain, dizzy spells and arthritis should be certain to get their doctor's approval before beginning any exercise program.

If you've been exercising for a while, you might be ready to move more vigorously than the charts indicate for a higher calorie burn--anywhere from 10 to 20 percent?more (based on body weight and intensity).

To lose?one pound of body weight, you've got to burn energy worth 3,500 calories.

Do Your Home Work

Don't think there's much you can do at home to burn calories except maybe spin away on your stationary bike? Think again.

Activity for 30 minutes (moderate intensity) 150 lb 200 lb
Clean house (nonstop) 122 162
Paint 171 228
Mop floors (nonstop) 153 204
Move furniture 225 300
Climb stairs 306 408
Wash dishes 76 102

Simple Changes: Chop food by hand instead of relying on your food processor, trek the stairs while talking on the phone, dance in the kitchen--all of these will increase your calorie burn.

Power Shop

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of ways you can burn calories while shopping. Here are some ideas.

Activity for 30 minutes (moderate intensity) 150 lb 200 lb
Climb stairs 306 408
Push a cart 122 162
Carry groceries 286 382
Window shop 82 110
(Note: Walking with packages will burn more, depending on the weight of the packages.)

Simple Change: Don't look for a close spot in the parking lot; park far from the store or mall entrance and walk to your destination. Bonus: You'll leave the chaos of the parking lot behind while reaping healthy rewards.

Pump Up Your Parenting

If you have children, you might already realize what a potent source of energy they are. Join the fun and you can burn calories through kids' play.

Activity for 30 minutes (moderate intensity) 150 lb 200 lb
Bike ride (flat terrain) 220 294
Play Ping Pong 135 180
Jump rope 342 456
Inline skate 238 318
Rack leaves, jump in 143 191
Sled 238 318
Build a snowman 100 134
Play hopscotch 143 191
Carry an infant (15 lb) 125 167
Push an occupied stroller 148 198
Play on park equipment 143 191

Simple Change: Play your children's sports with them instead of just dropping them off at practice. Participating in touch football, baseball and soccer will help you burn calories while fostering a sense of togetherness within your family.

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