Best Workout Mirrors for Virtual Training


Home fitness has come a long way since the days of doing aerobics in your living room. Now, workout mirrors, which are among the smartest home gym equipment out there, give you access to on-demand and live fitness classes, from Pilates to full-body strength training.

Some of the best workout mirrors also provide real-time feedback, so you can strategically improve your fitness level and reach your health goals, just like you’re working one-on-one with a personal trainer. Our ACTIVE Reviews Team assessed the workout mirrors available now and came up with six options that are worthy of a spot in your home gym.

Our Favorite Workout Mirrors

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Best Overall - Tonal


Tonal has all the bases covered. This high-quality smart fitness mirror comes with thousands of on-demand workouts, plus access to live classes that are recommended based on your fitness level and goals. Tonal tracks stats, like reps, sets and time under tension, as you work out, then provides real-time feedback and suggestions to help you reach your goals, just like a personal training session.

Instead of free weights, it utilizes up to 200 pounds of digital resistance, 100 pounds on each arm, so there are no dumbbells to store. This also makes it a great option for heavier lifters. Of course, all of this comes at a cost. The Tonal is one of the most expensive workout mirrors available, especially considering the extra accessories aren’t included. Also, you’re required to commit to a 12-month membership at $50 per month when you purchase. But most agree that it’s worth it.

  • Key Feature: Up to 200 pounds of digital weights
  • Programming: On-demand and live workouts with real-time feedback
  • Comes With: A bar, a pulldown rope and a set of handles; additional accessories sold separately

BUY: Tonal

Best Workout Mirror With iFIT - NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault

The NordicTrack Vault is a freestanding workout mirror that doubles as a vertical storage locker. The 61.5-inch mirror—32 inches of which is a touchscreen—opens to reveal a full collection of weights, neatly packed away for when you need them. The set includes dumbbells ranging from five to 30 pounds, two kettlebells, resistance bands and loop bands; everything you need for a full-body workout.

Like all of NordicTrack’s newer workout equipment, the Vault also comes equipped with iFIT, which gives you access to on-demand workouts in a full range of categories from strength training to bootcamp to interval training (and more). While you can watch your reflection in the mirror to follow along with the iFIT trainers and correct your form, there are no live capabilities or immediate feedback to help guide you.

  • Key Feature: Comes with iFIT and doubles as a locker for workout equipment
  • Programming: On-demand workouts, no live capabilities or real-time feedback
  • Comes With: Six sets of dumbbells (five to 30 pounds), two kettlebells (20 and 30 pounds), three resistance bands (20, 30 and 50 pounds), three resistance loop bands (light, medium and heavy), exercise mat, two yoga blocks and a microfiber cleaning towel.

BUY: NordicTrack Vault

Best Workout Mirror for Strength Training - Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio

If you’re looking for a workout mirror that’s targeted toward strength training, the Tempo Studio is likely your best bet. It utilizes a 3D sensor that tracks your movement and form and offers instant feedback, like if your lunge posture is off or if you need to get deeper into your squat. The starter package comes with 75 combined pounds of weight plates (four 10-pound plates, four five-pound plates, four two-and-a-half-pound plates and four one-and-a-quarter-pound plates), which may not be enough for heavy lifters but you can upgrade to more advanced packages that also include a barbell (for an additional cost) if you want. The downside is that if you tack on additional equipment, you’ll have to find a place to store it outside of the mirror.

In addition to strength training, the Tempo Studio also has on-demand classes that are dedicated to mobility training and proper movements to prevent injuries, as well as yoga, boxing, HIIT, low-impact cardio options and weekly live classes.

  • Key Feature: Includes weight plates and provides instant form feedback
  • Programming: On-demand and live workouts, with real-time feedback
  • Comes With: 75 pounds of weight plates, four collars, two seven-and-a-half-pound dumbbells, and a 5 mm workout mat

BUY: Tempo Studio

Best Workout Mirror for Cardio - MIRROR


When it comes to cardio, the MIRROR has a lot going on. You can choose from more than 10,000 on-demand workouts in practically every category, from boxing and Pilates to Tai Chi and cardio dancing, that are reminiscent of studio-style group classes. In addition to on-demand classes, new live classes drop daily, and the two-way mirror (that you can turn off) allows personal trainers to give you feedback on your form and call you out for a job well done.

If you want to tone it down, you can also opt for lower-impact yoga and stretching options. While the MIRROR doesn’t come with any weights, you can purchase connected dumbbells and/or ankle weights or use your own, and follow along with strength training workouts, too.

Another benefit of the MIRROR is its slim design that doesn’t require professional installation—you can just lean it against a wall—but this does limit storage, meaning you’ll have to find somewhere else to keep weights and accessories.

  • Key Feature: 10,000 on-demand classes, two-way camera with real-time feedback
  • Programming: On-demand and live workouts, with real-time feedback
  • Comes With: The MIRROR and stand; upgrades available for an additional cost


Best Free Standing Workout Mirror - ProForm Vue

ProForm Vue

The ProForm Vue is a freestanding workout mirror that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. It measures 24 by 60 inches, and the mirror portion pivots so you can situate it in a dedicated spot and turn it as needed. At first glance, it can be a bit deceiving, though. While the mirror itself is 60 inches, the touchscreen portion where the workouts are displayed only measures 22 inches, but you can use the remaining portion to check––and correct––your form.

The ProForm Vue comes with some basic accessories, like a 10-pound bar, two five-pound dumbbells, and four two-and-a-half-pound weight plates. Plus, it’s equipped with iFIT, which gives you access to a large library of on-demand home workouts. Unlike other workout mirrors, however, ProForm Vue doesn’t have live capabilities (at least not yet), so you won’t get any feedback from trainers.

  • Key Feature: Freestanding with rotating mirror
  • Programming: On-demand workouts, no live classes or real-time feedback
  • Comes With: One 10-pound barbell, two five-pound barbells, four two-and-a-half-pound weight plates

BUY: ProForm Vue

Best Workout Mirror With Classes - Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect

If you’re into fitness studios, the Echelon Reflect is the smart mirror for you. This 50-inch full-length mirror comes integrated with more than 2,000 built-in workouts, including kickboxing, HIIT, Pilates, yoga and Zumba. Plus, it gives you access to live workouts each day of the week. While you can follow along with instructors, there isn’t a two-way camera. That means that you can see the instructor and yourself in the mirror, but it doesn’t offer any real-time feedback to help you improve your form.

The Echelon Reflect can be wall-mounted for almost zero footprint, or it can be connected to a stand (sold separately) that allows you to position it anywhere in the room.

  • Key Feature: Comes with 2,000 built-in workouts and can be mounted or attached to a stand
  • Programming: On-demand and live workouts, no real-time feedback
  • Comes With: Mirror and wall-mounting bracket (stand is sold separately)

BUY: Echelon Reflect

What Should I Look for in a Workout Mirror?

Workout mirrors are fairly new to the home gym equipment scene. Here are the things you should look for to determine the best choice for you.


Workout mirrors fall within a similar price range as treadmills and ellipticals. You can expect to shell out $1,500 at minimum or up to $3,000, depending on which one you choose. One major difference is that while fitness memberships are optional for cardio equipment, you need one to fully utilize a smart mirror’s features (and some require that you commit to a full year at purchase). This will run another $30 to $50 per month, about the price of a gym membership.

You’ll also want to consider the price of additional equipment. Does your mirror come with everything you need, or do you have to purchase accessories separately? All of these things should factor into your final decision.


Workout mirrors come in two forms: wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted mirrors have a smaller footprint but often require expert installation or come with guidelines about where you can put them (they usually require studs). You’ll also have to make sure you have enough clearance space around it to effectively execute your workout. Freestanding mirrors stay upright on their own, but they’re bulkier and take up more space.

Interactive Programming

As far as programming goes, different workout mirrors have varying things to offer. Most come with on-demand workout classes, but some also have live workout capabilities. From there, some take it a step further and allow for two-way interaction—meaning you can see your trainer and your trainer can see you to provide real-time feedback. Others have live workout capabilities but no real-time feedback; you can see and follow along with your trainers, but they can’t see you.

Even without live capabilities, some workout mirrors offer real-time feedback, like form correction and other helpful tips. When choosing a workout mirror, you should to decide what’s important to you and make sure the one you’re choosing will help you reach your personal wellness goals.


Some workout mirrors come with just the mirror. If you want extras, like dumbbells, yoga blocks and a yoga mat or other pieces of equipment to help you reach your fitness goals, you’ll have to purchase them separately. Others come as a fully equipped unit, supplying everything you need for all of the workouts that come built-in to the machine.

Others are a happy medium of both; they include some fitness equipment, but if you want more weights or additional accessories, you’ll have to purchase them separately. Make sure you’re double-checking what your workout mirror comes with and factoring in what else you’ll need to reach your goals.

Weight Options

The weight options are another consideration. If you’re looking mainly for weight lifting, make sure the workout mirror doesn’t max out below your threshold. Most workout mirrors come with a basic weight range but give you the option to add additional weights as you progress (or if you’re starting out a heavy lifter).

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