Avoid the Winter Blues...and Weight Gain

In the colder states people tend  to hibernate. And when people hibernate, they tend to let their fitness regimen go and eat comfort food, resulting in weight gain. Although this is easier said than done, you can control the winter blues—take action and avoid weight gain.

Get Yourself on a Fitness Routine

Find a class in your area. Whether it's a bootcamp, kettlebell or yoga there are plenty of classes that are reasonably priced and at your fingertips. Although not everyone is a planner, there is something to be said for your health and fitness to get into a routine: Monday go to kettlebell training, Tuesday go  for a run, Wednesday morning go to yoga, Thursday go to bootcamp...set a plan. 

Try your plan for a week or two, once you get to the third week it will start to become a natural routine. Studies show that exercise improves your mood because it releases chemicals in your brain that helps avoid depression and gain self confidence.

What You Eat Plays a Vital Role in How You Feel

Literally "you are what you eat".  During the winter, set a positive mind-set with a healthy diet. Three key foods include:
  • Fruits & Vegetables - Obviously a no brainer when it comes to a healthy diet. Fruits and veggies can provide you with an immense amount of nutrients, but also help avoid mood swings and binge eating. Try to eat a serving in each meal. Remember to keep it bright and colorful. 
  • Fish (salmon, trout, tuna) - These fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids and B12--both are mood boosters that stimulate the brain and lower your risk of heart disease
  • Dark Chocolate (YES chocolate) - Just a couple ounces a week will help curb your craving, lower your risk for heart disease and provide you with plenty of antioxidants

If you live in colder climates, you know winter can really take a toll on your mind and waistline. Use these tips to help stay sane and healthy. Simple changes will help you get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. 

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Sarah is a Certified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, freelance writer, marketing professional, Portland Women's Rugby Player, avid runner and Certified in Sports Nutrition. 

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