76 Ways to Get Moving

It's never too late to lace up and get moving. Here are 76 tips to help you get on your way.

1.   Set your goal. Whether your goal is to run for 10 minutes without stopping or do your first 5K, set it in stone. Once you make your end goal concrete, it will be that much easier to stay motivated and stick to it.

2.   Buddy up. Friends make everything better. With a partner along for the ride, you will have someone to help pick you up for the lows and be with you for the highs. This will make the whole experience that much more rewarding.

3.   Amp up your playlist. It's amazing what good music will do to help you pull through. Keep your ears happy and your legs will follow suit. Upbeat tunes can help pass the time, and you might not even realize how far you've run.

4.   Write your goals out. Setting a goal is one thing, but seeing your written goal in front of you is another. Write out your goal and stick on the fridge or on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

5.   Log your training. Keep a journal. Write down what workout you did that day, what you ate and how you felt. Documenting your progress can help you improve and also show you how far you've come.

6.   Buy a new workout outfit. When you look good, you feel good. Spice up your workout wardrobe. After spending money on the new gear, who wouldn't want to get out there and show it off?

7.   Watch your favorite sporting events at the gym. Instead of sitting in front of your couch or at a bar to watch the big games, head to your gym and watch while you run on the treadmill. Watching top athletes in their element can offer extra inspiration.

8.   Share your progress on Facebook. Keeping your Facebook friends informed of your progress will add to your accountability and motivation. You might even inspire some of your friends to get moving, too.

9.   Buy a new pair of running shoes. Check out your local running store for a proper shoe fitting. The right shoes will make the running experience more enjoyable and keep you injury-free.

10.   Sign up for a fitness class. If you're hesitant to get right on the road, start out with a fitness class. It will help to build your strength and get you more comfortable moving. As you get to know your instructor or the people in your class, you will start to look forward to your classes and will end up with a bigger support network.

11.   Schedule it. Make your workouts part of your weekly schedule the same way you block off time for daily meetings, happy hours and dinner dates. When you schedule the time in your day, you can't use "no time" as an excuse.

12.   Visualize your goal. The mental preparation behind accomplishing your goals is just as important as the physical preparation through training. See yourself crossing the finish line. Imagine your breathing with each foot strike, and build up the mental strength to know you can accomplish your goals.

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