7 Things You Need to Know About Working Out During?Pregnancy

You Might Feel Weird in the Locker Room

When my bump really started growing, I felt a little awkward during my workouts. Thankfully, no one ever said anything snippy to me, but I did get a few weird looks here and there. My doctor knew all about my pre-pregnancy exercise regimen and she supported my decision to remain active. Her only exercise restriction: "Stop if something feels uncomfortable." She said my body would tell me what was too much way before I ever did any harm to my unborn baby. Even still, I know I'm in good company when it comes to fit mamas. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, and Health contributing fitness editor Kristin McGee all have prenatal workout DVDs.

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You'll Need to Take a Lot More Bathroom Breaks

Without fail, I use the bathroom at least twice during an hour-long fitness class. Sometimes, I'll make three or even four trips! Staying hydrated is especially important during pregnancy, so I try not to let all of those frequent bathroom breaks bother me. I just sneak out of class whenever there's a lull between activities, so I don't miss too much when nature calls.

You'll Need Longer Workout Tops 

As my belly grows and grows, I've had the toughest time finding workout gear that actually fits and doesn't look totally ridiculous on me. I've found that lightweight, extra long workout tops are the most comfortable. They move with me, so they don't ride up and expose my belly every time I lift my arms overhead.

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You'll Have Ups and Downs

I had awful morning sickness during my first trimester, so my workouts were less than stellar. But ever since I entered my second trimester, I feel so much better and almost like my pre-pregnancy self. My energy has returned, so I've been able to get into a groove with my workouts. I'm not sure what the third trimester will hold for me, but I hope I can stay as active as possible until the end of my pregnancy.

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