5 Ways to Blast Fat

Are you sick of the same old workout routine? Why not switch up your workouts with new fitness ideas. Not only will the workout be new, but it will challenge your body and mind. Try adding one of these five ideas to your regimen to reach your ultimate fitness goal.

Playground Fun

Have you ever stopped to watch kids play on a jungle gym? They are constantly running, jumping, climbing, laughing, and having fun. When you were a kid, you probably didn't realize what great exercise you were getting just from playing on the playground. Go ahead and act like a kid again. Climb ladders, challenge yourself on the monkey bars, run around in the sand, do pushups and crawl like a crab. You'll be working your whole body and building new muscles without even knowing it.


Whether you're on the go or need a quick workout to do at home, TRX is the perfect device to use. It's lightweight and very sturdy. The best part about TRX is that it utilizes your core. Build muscle, work on balance, and improve stability throughout your entire workout. You can start with a basic squat and work your way up to a single leg hop squat. The exercises you can do with TRX is endless, which makes it great because there is never a dull moment.


Beach Body Fitness always seems to be introducing new fitness DVDs to do at home or on the road. However, Insanity seems to be one of the top DVDs to do. It requires not weight, just your will to work hard. You are constantly moving. The combinations of moves are unique, yet challenging. Each DVD varies in length and workouts. Some workouts you'll focus on balance, while others you'll focus on plyometric or cardio. Get ready to take your fitness to the next level.


This is a combination of cycling and yoga; what a great way to cross-train. For one hour, you'll be able to gain flexibility while building your endurance. The first 10 to 15 minutes of class is usually a yoga flow to warm your body up. Then you'll hop on your bike and cycle away with energetic music, usually for about 40 minutes. Finish the class with more yoga to cool down. It's a great class to burn some steam, blast calories, and relax your mind.

Zumba and Dance Workouts

Zumba is huge in the fitness world. You dance for an hour to Latin beats. Before you know it, the class is down and you are drenched with sweat. However, new rhythmic dance classes are popping up. Try a style that you've always wanted to learn. The beauty about dance classes is that you move to upbeat music more easily. Studies show energetic music boosts your momentum to move, which gets your heart pumping and legs moving. You don't focus on the workout because you are engaged in learning the dance moves, which makes an hour fly by.

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