4 Ways to Create a Healthier You

You are Getting Healthy

The word "hypnosis" is more often associated with magicians in sequined blazers than doctors in white coats, but that perception may be shifting. A recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that breast cancer patients had easier surgeries when undergoing hypnotherapy. Women who received the therapy reported 74 percent less nausea, 53 percent less pain and required 34 percent less sedation. With additional studies reporting hypnosis to be effective in the relief of IBS and other stress-related illnesses, hospitals around the country are adding trained therapists to their staffs. Expect to see alternative treatments coming to an ICU near you.

Strange But Brew

What's the best way to stay healthy during marathon season? "Drink more beer!" say German researchers. But don't order that kegerator just yet—studies show that the brew must be nonalcoholic. In a 2011 experiment performed by the Technical University of Munich, marathon runners were instructed to drink either nonalcoholic beer or a placebo brew. Those who downed the lager were three times less likely to develop upper respiratory tract infections and experienced significantly less inflammation. Scientists believe that beer's magic lies in the combination of polythenols, mineral, fluids and carbohydrates. While alcoholic suds contain the same mix, it's likely that daily hangovers don't improve performance.

Get Inspired

Running changes lives. Be reminded of this motivating truth through an inspiring book and an amazing documentary. Running the Rift, the upcoming novel from award-winning author Naomi Benaron, chronicles the story of a young Rwandan runner from his first track race to the day he must run to save his life. In a new documentary, Run to the East, a group of high school seniors living on Native American reservations struggle to beat the odds created by communities often defined by substandard education and substance abuse and earn college cross-country scholarships. Read, watch and be awestruck by the power of running and the courage of the young adults who love our sport.

What to Ingest While You're Expecting

Does your toddler have a penchant for pickles and ice cream? Recent research explains why. A study published in Pediatrics claims that babies in the womb can taste the flavors their pregnant moms enjoy—and that it affects their dietary preferences later in life. One group of pregnant mothers was instructed to drink carrot juice every day, while another avoided carrots completely. When the children were old enough to eat solid food, the first group of babies ate carrot-flavored porridge with glee while the second scowled at the orange mixture. The bottom line: if you want your kids to eat their vegetables, it's best to start them early.

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Jessica Sebor, editor in chief of Women's Running magazine, is a running and fitness writer based in Florida.

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