Start Walking to Blast Fat

To use your arms properly:

  • Bend elbows to a 90-degree angle.
  • Make a loose fist with your hands.

It's important to keep your body loose and relaxed. Some people inadvertently hunch their shoulders or clench their fingers, increasing the risk of straining themselves.

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As you walk:

  • Start by letting your arms swing naturally in rhythm with your body.
  • Your right arm will swing forward as your left foot steps ahead.
  • Vice versa for the right foot and left arm.
Do not over think this; just allow it to happen. If you force it, you will likely end up looking like Ozzy Osbourne competing on Dancing with the Stars.

Once your arms are swinging with a good rhythm (and evenly), add a muscular nudge and direct them to swing in a semicircle curving in front of you. Adding a circular motion to your swing will help twist your midsection (and work your obliques).

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When you swing your arms, use just enough force to get your muscles working. Your hands should swing toward an imaginary mid-line in front of you that separates your right and left sides, but never cross it; otherwise you are swinging too hard.

You are now ready to walk harnessing the power of your arms. And, more importantly, you have begun the journey to improve how you walk. You may not be the Michael Jordan of walking just yet, but by properly swinging your arms you are on your way to a more invigorating, fat-burning, muscle-toning workout.

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