Fitness Gift Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Sock Guy

$10.95 and Up

Sock guy makes another light-, medium-, and heavyweight sock option for the runner, cyclist, skier, snowboarder, backpacker or all-around athlete. Their designs are fun and colorful and they also make arm warmers, base layers and more.

Peppermint Luna Bars

$18.95?per box of?15 bars

High in calcium and folic acid, rich in antioxidants A, C and E, with 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, Chocolate Peppermint Stick?Luna Bars are a great pre- and post-workout snack. This flavor is a perfect stocking stuffer, blending dark chocolate with candy-cane peppermint.

Holiday Clif Bars

$15 per box of 12 bars

Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Iced Gingerbread and Peppermint Stick are around for a limited time and they aren't women-specific like their Luna counterparts. But their benefits, satisfaction factor and taste aren't a whole lot different.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder To Go


Is there a girl on your holiday list that's always active and always on the go? Chances are she'll highly appreciate this dry shampoo, which she can stick in her gym bag and use to keep her 'do looking fresh when she doesn't have time to shower.

Ella Bache Sunguard Foundation

$46 (AUD)

Yes, it'll cost you?a few lunches?for one little?30 ml tube and you need to order it online since it's only made in Australia—but active women love this stuff. Plus, one tube lasts forever. It's 100 percent mineral tinted, comes in several different shades, smells good, is extremely water resistant and looks pretty on. Plus the little yellow and pink tube will look so cute in a Christmas stocking.

Vertra Elemental Resistance Face Stick


A more masculine facial sunscreen option, this face stick comes in two tinted shades and a translucent stick.??A little goes a long way and it lasts quite a while. It's also very water resistant and doesn't come off easily, no matter how much snow, water, friction or sweat your face encounters. This is especially great for snow and water lovers.
?And why shouldn't your loved ones' pups find a little something in the stocking for them?

REI Adventure Dog Boots


They help protect a pup's paws from ice, snow, rocks, thorns and other rough terrain. These are a great gift for the dog owner and hardcore adventurer in your life—especially those who love to take their dogs on big hikes, winter trekking, camping and trail running.

Dogswell? Wraps & Veggies Dog Treats

$8 and Up

Forget the Milkbones and Snausages—giving a dog such treats on the daily is like only letting kids snack on nothing but donut holes and cheese puffs. Dogswell makes everything from banana, apple and sweet potato wrapped in chicken wrapped in chicken to sweet potato chews. The treats are dried and a heckuva lot better than the processed fillers in most dog biscuits. Dogswell Jerky treats are also a great option, with beef, lamb and rice, chicken and duck options. They target heart, hip, breath and longevity health by adding supplements like glucosamine, flaxseed and vitamins.


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