9 Tips to Help You Get Fit

Slim Your Thighs

In order to trim your thighs, you will need to work on the entire area, not just the quads and hamstrings. The inner and outer thighs need to be worked in order to achieve the sexy slim look you desire. One exercise designed to give you results is the three-part kick box lunge. To perform this you stand in a deep lunge position with one leg forward, bent at the knee. Perform a lunge move, but before returning to the starting position, kick straight forward at waist height and be sure to point the toes.  A few sets two to three with 10 to 15 reps is just enough to define your thighs. Once you see some definition, switch up your routine to make sure your muscles don't develop a tolerance.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Different exercises cause the muscle memory to be challenged and it helps you create the body you've always desired. When you change your routine, different muscles are engaged and that can prevent muscle fatigue that causes injury. When you see symptoms of over training (for example, muscle fatigue, chronic soreness and even mild depression) temporarily scale back or rest altogether. The goal is to get healthy, not exhaust your body to the point where you cannot perform everyday tasks. Another way to decrease injury is to practice isolated stretching.  

Build Endurance

Small steps make a big impact where endurance is concerned. Many people who begin an endurance focused fitness regimen make the mistake of taking on too much, too soon. Think of your body like a car: sure it's impressive if you can go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, but it will certainly take a toll on your engine (body) if you do.

Here's a sample regiment to follow in order to help you build endurance.

  • Weeks 1 and 2: Warm up, then run for five minutes. Each following day, add one minute to your run. You will find that you go from five minutes to 12 minutes in no time, and that about 1.25 covered. Not bad for someone who's not a runner (distance covered is based on a 10-minute mile pace). Then cool down.
  • Week 3: Add two minutes per run, going from 14 to 20 minutes (two miles).
  • Week 4: Add three minutes per run, going from 23 to 32 minutes (three miles).
  • Weeks 5 and 6: Add four minutes per run, going from 36 to 64 minutes (six miles).

Kick the cardio rut

You don't have to live your life on a treadmill. There are many ways to add cardio workouts to your fitness. Instead of the hum-drum treadmill workout, try short bursts of explosive workouts. Those can really up your fitness level and help you enjoy cardio more. Plus, you'll be able to burn more calories with a fast-paced interval workout than a moderately paced workout. That's reason enough to switch it up. Even if you only incorporate this type of work out a few times a week, you'll see results in your fitness level. If you prefer a class to help you stay on track with your cardio, Zumba is a great way to get moving, burn calories and change your cardio routine.

Walking is a good, low impact way to begin a fitness routine. It will take some time to build your walking endurance similar to how you build your running endurance. Begin with a warm up, walking at a steady but not super brisk pace. Pick it up in minute two to a brisk speed walk or light jog (if capable) and then fall back to a pace that isn't too strenuous.

Play around with what pace works for you, but be sure to push yourself. A great way to ensure you're getting the most out of your walk is to bring a friend. You all can encourage and motivate each other to do more than you would if you walked alone. Also, if you walk at night or before the sun rises, it's safer to have someone with you.

A few more tips to help you get fit:

  • Track your exercise and eating habits daily
  • Keep a fitness buddy on hand to workout with consistently or when you feel yourself getting in a motivational rut
  • Keep it fresh and light, always finding new and challenging exercises to do
  • Join a class: swimming, Zumba, or boot camp - find something that is right for you

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