8 Moves to Get You Toned in the Gym

Hang Tough

Sit on edge of bench, hands at sides, fingers forward, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat. Use arms to lift yourself off bench and bring feet off floor (as shown). Hold for 5 seconds. Make it harder: Extend legs in lifted position. Return to start; repeat. Do 12 reps.

works shoulders, arms, abs

Booty Bridge

Lie faceup on floor with heels on edge of bench, arms crossed at chest. Lift hips, forming a straight line from shoulders to knees (as shown). Lower hips until hovering above floor for one rep. Do 15 reps.

works butt, thighs

Armed And Ready

Lie faceup on floor with only head under bench and body perpendicular to it; place palms on seat with elbows bent 90 degrees. Press hands into bench, lifting upper body off floor (as shown). Release to start for one rep. Do 15 reps.

works shoulders, arms, back

Stop Everything

Lie faceup on bench with left shoulder blade and butt cheek on bench, right side suspended, feet flat and hip-width apart on floor. Place right hand on chest; plant left elbow on bench with hand like a stop sign (as shown). Hold position for 45 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.

works back, abs, butt, hamstrings

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