8 Fat-Burning Kettle Bell Moves

4. Windmill

Targets shoulders, back, and abs
Hold handle in left hand and stand with legs wide, left foot pointing to side, right one forward. Extend right arm overhead, left arm at side (A). Bend at waist to left and lower kettlebell toward left shin (B). Imagine you are standing between two panes of glass to keep body in line; don't roll forward or back. Slowly stand up, using core muscles to lift. Repeat for 1 minute (about 20 reps), then switch sides.

MAKE IT EASIER: Use a lighter kettlebell (or dumbbell) or no weight at all.

5. Squat Catch, and Press

Targets shoulders, arms, butt, and legs
Stand with feet more than hip-width apart and hold handle with both hands, arms extended toward floor. Sit back into a squat (A), then press into heels and stand up. Use the momentum created by the hip thrust to help pull weight up (elbows will bend out to sides as you lift bell). As weight reaches chest height, slide hands down to grab base (a slight tossing motion) (B). Press weight overhead (C), then lower it to starting position, sliding hands back to handle. Repeat for 1 minute (about 20 reps).

MAKE IT EASIER Don't press kettlebell overhead.

THE EXPERT: Chris Freytag is a board member of the American Council on Exercise, star of many Prevention Fitness Systems DVDs, and author of Prevention's 2-Week Total Body Turnaround.
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