15-Minute Fat-Busting Workout

Programs that promise you'll lose bodyfat in only 10 minutes a day can be tempting to try. After all, who wouldn't want to work less and get more.

Unfortunately, less effort isn't an effective method to lose fat. You have to put in the time and make the necessary sacrifices required to lose fat. Trying to take short cuts will not work in the long run.

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There will come a time when you're traveling or have a packed work schedule that just won't let you get in more than a 15- to 20-minute workout. If you've begun your fat-loss journey, don't break your momentum. Any workout, even one that's only 15 minutes, can help you meet your goals.  

Here's a 15-minute workout you can do anywhere and without any equipment. Before you begin, keep in mind two important details.

1) Adjust your diet: training for 15 minutes will never burn the number of calories that a 30-45 minute workout will burn. Make sure you cut out junk food.

2) Train intensely: when you have only 15 minutes to train it must be intense. The workout must make you work hard and should seem like the toughest 15 minutes of the day. And the best way to do that is to use exercises that use multiple muscle groups, rather than rely on isolation exercises like crunches.

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The following five exercises should be completed as a circuit. Complete all five exercises without resting.

  • Push ups: 6 reps
  • Reverse Lunges: 6 reps each leg
  • Hindu push up: 6 reps
  • Free squats: 12 reps
  • Side bridge:  6 reps each side

Rest 1 minute or less and repeat the circuit as many times as possible within 15 minutes.

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The above circuit has a total of 48 reps of intense exercises. Completing four circuits in 15 minutes is a good performance.. As you get fitter, you should decrease the rest time and increase the total number of circuits completed in 15 minutes to make it more challenging

Once you return back to your normal routine, make sure to complete regular workouts of 30-60 minutes in duration.

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