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RiverRidge Golf Complex - The NiNES at RiverRidge

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - Tuesday, August 26, 2014
The NiNES at RiverRidge 3800 N Delta Hwy EugeneOR  97408
Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - Tuesday, August 26, 2014
The NiNES at RiverRidge 3800 N Delta Hwy EugeneOR  97408

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What's Included

My hope is that Get SoccerGolf Ready will be a fun, interactive course geared toward providing both soccer and golf knowledge to the group. Over the four classes we will be discussing rules and etiquette of SoccerGolf as well as the origin of the game. We will cover the fundamentals, such as the mechanics of the “swing/kick”. How to putt with both accuracy and confidence. Go over various chipping techniques and how to manage the course from tee shot to the putting green. Day 1: We will be discussing the various rules and etiquette of SoccerGolf. Such as green etiquette ( marking, pulling the flag, who putts first, etc.) An overall tour of the course and how hazards and penalties come into play. Day 2: Go over putting basics and techniques ( different styles, line up). Lots of work on direction and speed with partners. Hopefully play “On or Off” game for the last twenty minutes of class. Day 3: Go over chipping techniques ( backspin, front spin, bump and run, etc.) Hopefully play “Target” or “50 and In” for the last twenty to twenty five minutes of the class. Day 4: Go over course management, the tee box, placement over power, knowing the direction is key (front foot/plant foot). Go over a “bending the ball”. Hopefully play three holes near the end of class?? In addition to the classes, each participant will receive two rounds of SoccerGolf (rounds expire September 30, 2014).

About This Organizer

RiverRidge Golf Course is an exquisitely designed 18-hole, par-71 course that blankets 107 gently rolling acres, bordering the Willamette River in north Eugene. It is beautiful, well maintained, and it will keep you honest. The golf course challenges golfers of all skill levels with a unique blend of pars and a combination of open "hit away" holes and "target" holes where excessive power is a handicap. RiverRidge is landscaped to complement its natural surroundings, not squeezed between residential or commercial properties. 

It meets the expectations of golfers of all abilities. The design puts an emphasis on short game and course management to score without burdening the high handicapper with unnecessary length and forced carries. An Audubon certified golf course that boasts of over 120 species of trees among the over 1200 planted since its inception. 

The Nines Courses:
The Nines at RiverRidge are our latest contribution to the community and the golfing public. The two new courses afford all levels of experience a most enjoyable and fun outing. Everyone has a reasonable expectation of success without the embarrassment of being inexperienced. 

Sutton Ridge:
Sutton is the ultimate executive golf course experience. Easily played in under two hours, the challenging target golf layout tests veteran players to score—accuracy is the premium. Newer players have a reasonable expectation of success without the pressure of “the big course”. 

Short Ridge:
The par 3 course is a beautiful blend of challenge and playability. The experienced player will learn to score from 110 yards, while the recreational player has fun making par. Every one in the family will enjoy the nine holes together in under one hour as well as the business person that wants to squeeze a round of golf in at lunch time. 

* Draft beer
* Golf Apparel
* GHIN Computer
* HD Cable TV with plenty of seating
* Croquet Course
* Practice facility for Short game
* Full size covered and lighted driving range

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  • RiverRidge Golf Complex

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The NiNES at RiverRidge 3800 N Delta Hwy EugeneOR  97408
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