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COOK! Programs - Paulding & Company Kitchen

Monday, June 29, 2015 - Friday, July 17, 2015
Paulding & Company Kitchen 1410 D 62nd St EmeryvilleCA  94608
Monday, June 29, 2015 - Friday, July 17, 2015
Paulding & Company Kitchen 1410 D 62nd St EmeryvilleCA  94608

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What's Included

The kitchen is the perfect place to grow into the people we want to be. It is a workspace that demands attention and care, and offers enormous potential for individual and group creativity and an opportunity to explore and identify our personal tastes. Every action we make, whether it is chopping, kneading, or pushing a broom, offers us a chance to do our best. It provides us with the opportunity to listen, contemplate, take action, and find joy. And when a project is complete, the rewards are immediate and well worth the effort. This course is designed to cultivate each student's abilities, senses, imagination, and confidence. We will dive deeply into the inner workings of our commercial kitchen, cooking and experimenting as we go. We will work on individual and group projects; discuss current issues as they pertain to food; and practice menu planning, recipe development, timing, and presentation. Our goal throughout is not simply to get the job done, but to find one's own voice in the midst of each process and emanate that clarity like the wafting scent of garlic sizzling in olive oil, for the benefit of the whole. In this way, kitchen training is life training. * Each day will culminate in a shared mid day meal and group clean up.

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COOK! Programs are creative and challenging culinary courses for kids ages 9 - 18. Held primarily in the summer, in the Paulding & Company kitchen in Emeryville, the camps offer diverse training in everything from basic cooking skills to specialized cuisines, to kitchen science and more. These hands-on classes are designed to give kids the confidence and skills they need to cook for themselves, for friends, and for their families. COOK! promotes the understanding that life is more colorful, more fragrant, and simply more interesting when you cook.

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Paulding & Company Kitchen 1410 D 62nd St EmeryvilleCA  94608
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