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December 16th Holiday Posada

Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 4:00 PM (MST)
San Jacinto Plaza 111 Mills St. El PasoTX  79901
Sunday, December 16, 2018 @ 4:00 PM (MST)
San Jacinto Plaza 111 Mills St. El PasoTX  79901

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This program may not be registered for individually because it is part of a package.


  1. Vendors personnel must wear ?holiday? dressing and / or costumes (i.e. Santa Clauss / Elf / Hats, etc.

  2. Food trucks / Carts must be decorated with holiday lights, signs, posters, decorations and tablecloths.

1. As of September 2018, all vendors willing to provide services during Special Events programs from the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department must pass an inspection. That inspection will review the following:

A. Health Department Permit

B. Vehicle Insurance

C. Operator Driver?s License

D. Owners and Helpers Criminal Background Check

E. Certificate of Liability Insurance Naming the City of El Paso as a beneficiary for the amount of $1,000,000

F. Texas Sales and Use tax permit

G. Generator Noise pollution below 55 decibels(see below) and appearance

H. Overall look of vehicle/trailer- All Food Vendors participants are required to provide a clean and attractive appearance to their vending space, and will be highly encouraged ? and supervised to comply with -, to decorate their space using the ?Celebration of Lights - Make Holiday Magic Happen? theme. This should include attractive staff ?holiday? dressing and / or costumes, signs, posters, decorations and tablecloths.

FOOD VENDOR maximum space is 30?x10?. Unless you pay a double fee to upgrade to a premium space measuring 60?x10?. Space is extremely tight and you will have neighbors on both sides of your exhibit area so you cannot go outside your footprint.

All operations must be completed within, or inside your food truck.

A 18 inches wide table can be posted outside your food truck for courtesy (paper towels, ketchup, salt, etc) Not for ice coolers, cash handling or other purposes.

No Tents / No Tables and Chairs / No food preparation or cooking outside your food truck.



Food trucks / CARTS must supply their own Electricity, Supplies, Signage and Fire extinguisher(s).

Parks and Recreation Management team reserves the right to make changes to festival exhibits through onsite set-up.

CLEANLINESS: Failure to keep your space clean of water, drinks spills, trash, and other, and particularly, boxes and other packaging materials behind your food truck. Vendor must leave the area clean after the event. Violation will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

TRASH: A wheeled trash with attached lid of at least 64 gallons with trash bag must be available in front of your food truck. Trash bags must be removed and deposited at the provided containers. Food Vendors found putting trash into festival receptacles are in violation of their food vendor agreement. Violation will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

FIRE LANE & FIRE HYDRANTS: There will be a 20' wide fire lane through the site. This fire lane must remain clear at all times during the festival - no exceptions!! You are not permitted to store items in the fire lane! Do not block fire hydrants.

GENERATORS: Food vendors MAY NOT hook into the existing Plaza power connectors, since food vendor equipment is too much of a drain. You must provide your own generator. All generators must pass and be approved by Special Events division staff members before event date. Staff must approve all changes of generators prior to event for further inspection. Generators either must be below 55 decibels or covered to reduce noise levels produced by generators. Violation will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power generators are responsibility of the vendor and must comply with all safety regulations for proper operation. Power generator must be under the recommended noise levels, measured in decibels, considered safe for humans as recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency Noise Levels Affecting Health and Welfare (EPA press release ? April 2, 1974). The noise generated by the vendors power generators at the attending public seating area and the event?s stage, must be UNDER 55 decibels measured at 10 feet from the noise source, or generator. It is your responsibility to review your power generator noise levels and either, replace it, or produce a noise-limiting barrier around it to reduce the noise to a safe and healthy level, as recommended by EPA. Decibels levels will be measured before the event (at the set up time) and, if are found not in compliance, you will not be authorized to run these generators at the Parks event.

GOVERNMENT AND CONTROL: All participants must follow the guidance and instructions given by Parks and Recreation, Police, Fire, Health and any other official staff or authority. Due to previous experiences and feedback from festival participants and city officials, Parks and Recreation will enforce all rules and levy an onsite fine for violations. Violation will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

SET-UP: Food vendors may be given with a specific set up time. You must be present at the set up time or you must wait at the end of the set up for other vendors and MAY BE losing your original spot, and accommodated at an alternate site within the festival footprint. Please do not arrive before your set up scheduled time, as parking space to wait for your trucks will not be provided.

All vehicles not being a Food Truck or Food Cart, must evacuate the event area immediately after setting up. No particular vehicles are authorized to park on the event premises foot print.

You should be ready to serve at the given time. Normally, the fire marshal and DO Health inspector will inspect your space before 12pm. Vendors may not begin serving until cleared by officials.

Violation will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

BREAK-DOWN Break-down must be done only after the festival ends. ? DO NOT BREAK DOWN BEFORE -

Before leaving, you must clean and pick up all trash at your vending area, including half of the street in front of your vending area, and contact a Parks staff to inspect your vending space area. Failure to do this represent a violation and will prevent the particular vendor from participating in further Parks events.

NOTE: Parking is not available at the site and limited parking is available in the area. Plan to arrive early if you will need a parking space. Be sure to note all traffic regulations and meters.


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San Jacinto Plaza 111 Mills St. 79901 - (915) 212-1704

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  • City of El Paso

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San Jacinto Plaza 111 Mills St. El PasoTX  79901
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