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The Running Man
Danielle was an outstanding gymnast until the moment occurred. She was performing a routine reverse flip on the beam and missed the landing by an inch. As her body came tumbling down, her head hit the pads and bent so far that the neck vertebrae fractured — leaving her paralyzed from her neck down to her toes. It only takes an instant, an inch and one's life changes forever. As many of you know, one of my moments occurred 16 years ago from a fall while waterskiing breaking my neck at c-5-c-6 level. My other moment was a miracle when I was fortunate to regain partial mobility and live a life without a wheelchair. To recognize the blessing and to give back to the spinal cord community, I wanted to stretch this year's project and make a significant difference in someone's life. Our goal this year is to raise 1 thousand dollars for every mile I complete in the 2009 Chicago Marathon. That's right $26, 000 as I will succeed in my shuffle for Danielle. The Spinal Cord Injury Association Chicago Chapter is my sponsor for the marathon. Please make all donations payable to SCIA Chicago and know that you will be making a difference in one person's life!
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Total Donations: $8,811.00
Goal: $26,000

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