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November 14 - 15, 2020

**RESCHEDULED**Wakefield Spring Fling L5 (2021 Nat L7)

This event has ended.

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Division: BG(12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,COMP; Green Level 1: BG(10 (78'Court/Green Ball) )s,COMP

Notes:Notice to Players, Parents, Coaches, regarding the new formats for USTA North Carolina ranked tournaments:

Effective 2021, USTA National will be implementing one National tournament structure, click this link for more detailed information on this 2021 National Alignment.

In preparation for these confirmed changes in USTA tournament structure, USTA North Carolina has begun to transition with the 2020 slate of junior tournaments. Each tournament format will be posted on respective active tournament home pages, and eventually in the updated 2020 Junior Rules and Regulations to be posted following our USTA North Carolina Annual Meeting in January, 2020.

As a brief overview, USTA North Carolina ranked tournaments will now be for divisions 12U through 18U and will be using yellow ball. For 2020 only, USTA North Carolina will offer 10U Green Level 1 divisions (and 10U standings) for players that are active within the Youth Tennis Progression (YTP). USTA North Carolina points tables will continue to be utilized throughout 2020.

2020 Tournaments NC L1 (Advanced) to NC L5 (Intermediate) are intended for players that have an intermediate skill level attained through prior level-based play. It is the expectation that each participant understands the basics of tournament play and are at an intermediate level of competency in scoring, match protocol and play, as well as respect and sportsmanship toward fellow players, parents, and tournament officials. These events are not intended for beginner players or those new to match play. As a sanctioned and ranked USTA event, any violations or codes given by an official /tournament committee member may affect future tournament participation.

Please contact Tournaments@nctennis.com should you have any questions regarding this information.

2020 NC Level 5 Tournament
B/G 10U thru 18U

Participants: B/G 10U Green; B/G 12U through 18U Yellow Ball

Format: Each division (B or G 12U singles = one division) is to be completed in one day; Saturday and/or Sunday may be utilized by the tournament director, but each division is to be complete in one day.
Acceptable Draws for each age division; these may co-exist within a division:
· Compass Draw (8 players),
· FIC-Semi, play-out consolation finals (6-7 players),
· and/or Round Robin record order of finish (5-3 players);
· Each player plays no more than 4 rounds per division; points earned in points per round tables relative to compass/8-player draw/round robin formats.
· A player may play both singles and doubles in one day.
· Players may be waterfalled if entry numbers are 8+ in any division.

Tournaments must get prior USTA North Carolina Approval for more than (2) 8-player draws in any division.

Should doubles also be offered in a NC L5, doubles play will follow same bracket formats using (1) six-game set for each match, no-ad scoring. Players may play up to (4) matches in singles and/or doubles in one day.

Scoring: Short sets to 4, no-ad scoring, win by 2; set TB to 7 points at set score of 4-4; match TB to 7 for deciding 3rd set.

It is considered to be a conduct violation should a player withdrawal/no-show in any portion of the tournament (including consolation rounds) for reasons other than illness, injury, personal circumstance, or previously authorized entry into another tournament. The tournament officials may code this as an unexcused “default”, which includes suspension points to the player withdrawing.

Selection: Tournament participants will be selected via “reverse selection” process, which gives priority to players
without any standing over players with standings, and in order, as tournament space allows.
Players without standing may play; players with standing may play as space allows.
All 12U players must be “Mission Complete” within the Youth Tennis Progression, or be 11 years of age.

Eligibility: All B/G 12U through 18U events will be played with yellow ball. Players must be 11 years of age or “Mission Complete” in the youth tennis progression to participate in 12U or higher events.
12U through 18U standings points and calculations remain unchanged for 2020.

10U players must be in “Green Level 1” of the youth progression to participate in any 10U event in 2020. All USTA North Carolina Level 5 (NCL5) through Level 1 (NCL1) 10U Green singles events in 2020 will be tagged as a youth progression event and players will earn YTP stars/trophies as needed until they are mission complete.
10U Players will earn standing points but they will not carry forward to the 12U Division.

Start Times: Each division will have a designated start time and should be posted on the tournament home page by Tuesday prior to the tournament start. Specific start times and court locations will be on the draws posted not later than Thursday noon prior to tournament start.

Players are encouraged to be at the tournament check-in 30-minutes prior to their scheduled match time to ensure timely scheduling. USTA Rules will be enforced for lateness.

Awards: Each B/G Division Draw will receive a Draw Finalist/Champion Award at the end of each event finals.

Registration: Players will follow the registration prompts on the tournament home page; entry fees are set by each individual tournament and will also include a non-refundable TennisLink usage fee of approximately $3. Only on-line entries will be accepted. NC L5 registration typically closes at 11:59pm the Monday (4 days) prior to the start of the tournament. Withdrawals must be made prior to the registration deadline.

It is considered to be a conduct violation should a player withdraw/no-show in any portion of the tournament (including consolation rounds) for reasons other than illness, injury, personal circumstance, or previously authorized entry into another tournament. The tournament officials may code this as an unexcused “default”, which bring suspension points to the player withdrawing.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Tennis Balls: USTA-approved tennis balls will be used at the beginning of each event and NC L5 tournaments may use same tennis balls for the second round of play in each division, and conso/west third round of play; for round robins, new balls for rounds three and keep same for round four. New tennis balls will be given for East Finals in 8-player compass draw.

Tournament Environment:
It is the expectation that this USTA-North Carolina sanctioned event is a safe, friendly, and professional environment. Each facility should meet or exceed the minimum requirements of safe courts, accessible water/restroom facilities, score tenders, and singles sticks for quality and consistent competition. Each site is expected to have a tournament representative on site for the duration of the event.

Spectators are to keep a moderate distance from the courts. While shade and/or seating may be available at each venue, spectators are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, umbrellas, etc for their personal comfort.

USTA North Carolina Rules & Regulations:
The USTA North Carolina Jr Competition and Sanction & Schedule committees, as well as the USTA North Carolina Board of Directors have approved these formats for USTA North Carolina for 2020 in preparation for the 2021 National Tournament Structure. USTA/USTA North Carolina 2020 Rules and Regulations will be enforced.

In the event of rain/unplayable courts, the current USTA North Carolina Rain/Inclement Weather policy remains in force and is published in the current Junior Rules and Regulations found at nctennis.com

Tournament Officials/Referees:
Tournament Official(s) will be available throughout the weekend to answer questions and to enforce the rules, but the tournament DOES NOT supply line judges for matches. Matches going to tie-breakers will be expected to play according to “The Code” as all other games played. Parents/Coaches are expected to conduct themselves also in accordance to “The Code” to ensure fair play. Players are expected to make their own calls in accordance with the procedures outlined in "The Code" in Friend at Court. USTA - Boys' 10 Singles; Boys' 12 Singles; Boys' 14 Singles; Boys' 16 Singles; Boys' 18 Singles; Girls' 10 Singles; Girls' 12 Singles; Girls' 14 Singles; Girls' 16 Singles; Girls' 18 Singles
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