10 Group Ride Etiquette Tips for Cyclists

While many of us will never experience the peloton of the Tour de France, local weekend group rides invite a level of camaraderie and competition many cyclists are drawn to. Not only does riding in a group make you a better bike handler and boost your endurance, but it’s also a great way to meet likeminded people who enjoy riding bikes and exploring the surrounding area as well.

If you’re tired of riding by yourself and need a little outside motivation, group rides are the perfect solution. Usually hosted by local bike shops, most rides occur on Thursday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings. There’s more to riding in a group than simply pedaling with a few buddies, though–it can be dangerous if you don’t keep a few key rules in mind.

From sharing the roads with cars to keeping a consistent pace, we’ve listed our 10 group ride etiquette tips below.

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