Allen Lim

Allen Lim

Allen received his Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to obtaining his doctorate, Allen did his undergraduate training in Exercise Science at the University of California at Davis and completed his master's degree in Exercise Physiology.

Allen's coaching experience is extensive. He guided the UC Davis Cycling Team to its first national championship and coached the resident national cycling team at the US Olympic Training Center. He has also coached numerous amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. He founded and acted as the full-time director of the Celestial Seasonings Professional Cycling Team and served as a guest director of the 7Up Professional Cycling Team.

At the University of Colorado at Boulder, Allen in conjunction with his peers in the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory completed much of the groundbreaking research in the use of power and heart rate monitoring in optimizing cycling performance. He continues to be actively involved in medical and exercise performance research.

In addition to working at Thrive HFM, he is currently the Director of Development for the Boulder Life Performance Center as well as the Director of Education for the Saris Cycling Group, a manufacturer of performance training products located in Madison WI. Allen is passionate and philosophical about sports training, speaking regularly across the country on the topic as an enthusiastic and innovative educator.

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