4 Offseason Cycling Tips

Defuse Traps

Research indicates that you're less likely to make healthy food choices when a meal is considered a special occasion. Indulge during one meal a week and otherwise eat normally. Use this downtime to learn how to eat better—if you're guilty of the 6 Worst Eating Habits, now's the time to break them.

Nix Happy Hour

Drinking alcohol before a meal has been shown to increase appetite and cause you to eat about 30 percent more calories. Sip seltzer as you wait to be served and have your booze with dinner. (If you must have alcohol, opt for one of these Healthier Cocktails for Cyclists instead.)

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Spice Things Up

Studies have shown that cinnamon slows digestion, which prevents blood-sugar spikes, making you less likely to overeat. Add half a teaspoon a day to coffee, cereal, and smoothies.

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