10 Bike Fit Myths...Debunked

Myth No. 8

"I need to buy a bike first, and then get fit to the bike."

You can do it in this order, however we recommend getting a fit first and taking your fit measurements to find your perfect new bike.

Bikes have many different geometries between brands, and even models within a brand. Depending on your riding style, flexibility, goals, and fit measurements, we can help narrow down which options would work best for you and your budget.

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Myth No. 9

"Bike fitting is expensive."

We'll admit, cycling isn't a cheap sport. However, when you consider the costs of a new bike, wheels, or clothing, a bike fit is a minimal investment. Investing in a fit can also prevent future costs of getting injured or not riding your bike because it was too uncomfortable.

Myth No. 10

"I only get discomfort when I go longer distances on my bike...should I just ride shorter distances from now on?"

Riding longer distances should be enjoyable yet challenging. A proper bike fit will ensure that no matter the distance you are riding, you are optimized in comfort and performance. You never have to resort to shorter distances on your bike rides, unless you absolutely want to.

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