10 Bike Fit Myths...Debunked

Myth No. 3

"I have a big event coming up and I don't want to get a fit now because it could affect my performance."

When you have an event coming up, make sure you work with a bike fitter who will ensure that the proper adjustments are made to make you more efficient on your bike without making major changes.

Myth No. 4

"I have tried many different custom insoles for my feet, but keep getting numbness and tingling, hot feet and discomfort. Maybe I haven't found the perfect insoles."

Issues with your feet usually result from improper cleat placement, saddle placement, and other adjustments on the bike. We spend a great deal of time working with your feet to make sure your feet are not only comfortable but to improve your overall efficiency on the bike.

Myth No. 5

"If I lower my stem and get as low as possible, it will make me more aero."

Being hunched over in what people typically think of as an "aero" position could be hindering your performance. There is a scientific formula for what angle your hips can be in before you lose power on the bike. Think about crimping a hose and the water not coming out. This is what you can do to your power on the bike by putting yourself in this position.

During a recent experiment we conducted, Melissa experimented with lowering her stem on a Cervelo P3 time trial bike. After the test, we found her to not only be less aero, but she was extremely uncomfortable in this position.

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Myth No. 6

"My lower back is bothering me, so I probably need to raise my handlebars."

We have often seen people make adjustments to their bike based on "symptoms" and have not only aggravated those symptoms, but created new issues. Raising the handlebars does seem logical, but in some circumstances, can actually create more pressure in your lower back.

Myth No. 7

"My hands keep going numb. Maybe it's either my gloves or I'm getting old."

Your hands are full of many nerves and unfortunately, cycling puts a lot of pressure on these nerves. Sometimes using padded gloves can help alleviate pressure on these nerves and reduce the numbness in your hands, but many times, this is caused by a fitting issue.

A proper fit reduces the amount of pressure that is put on your arms. During a fit, we may adjust the distance and height your handlebars are from your body. We may also pick a new handlebar to improve your fit, as they come in many sizes and shapes (round or more flat).

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