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Chess Tutors After School Programs - Shakeys Pizza

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Shakeys Pizza 5404 Sepulveda Blvd Culver CityCA  90230
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Shakeys Pizza 5404 Sepulveda Blvd Culver CityCA  90230

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Welcome to Chess Tutors!

a href="https://commuserui-vip.aw.active.com/sys/filedownload/0/0/7dd59c2a-7628-42a1-ba8c-26f63e090d6e/Alumni%20calendar_schedule%202016_2017_v2.pdf/">Alumni 2016-2017 Flyer<One of the missions of establishing an Alumni Association is to support the overall goals of our Chess Tutors organization. The goal of establishing a team is to reach goals that cannot be reached alone. We seek to establish an Alumni Chess Tutors Team/Association which will have a dual focus. To one end the focus will be to support the overall goals of the Chess Tutors organization to the other the goals will support the development of the individual and the team as a whole. All in all the collective goal seem to fit seamlessly, straight up and down like a vertical line reaching toward the top and so we seek to create a Chess Tutors Alumni Team/Association of which the focus of the Alumni will be to: V olunteer: Alumni will be granted annual opportunities to volunteer and raise funds for Chess Tutors. E valuate: Alumni will be given responsibilities by which they will evaluate and be evaluated by our staff and by one another on an annual basis. R ecruit: Alumni will discuss and come up with ways to inform students from their alma maters about the benefits of joining the Chess Tutors Alumni Chess Team T each: Alumni will create lesson plans & teach their peers strategic & tactical concepts. I ntern: Alumni will have opportunities to learn from & work with our experienced management staff, & our founders. C ompete: Alumni will compete twice a year at city or state level A nnounce: Alumni will have opportunities to speak publicly on an annual basis, starting with our upcoming 2017 GMG. Alumni roles will include ensuring the GMG runs smoothly. L ead: Chess Tutor alumni are leaders of tomorrow. This team/association will be established with that in mind. Instilling leadership qualities in our students will be one of our top priorities.

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Welcome to Chess Tutors!

We are an organized, insured and reliable not-for-profit, California Distinguished Educational Service Provider.


We are devoted to the development of life skills and student academic success. Our aim is to give students in the K-8th grades confidence that they can learn the strategies and techniques of chess and apply them to every area of their lives.


They learn to take responsibility for every move they make in life as well as on the chess board. In the most practical terms, students learn concentration skills necessary to master any academic discipline.


Our Chess Tutors method relies heavily on the Psychological Learning Theory, which utilizes concepts that are of the utmost importance to the field of education:


Memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and reinforcement — all of these concepts are reinforced during our competitive chess sessions, enhancing cognitive skills.


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Shakeys Pizza 5404 Sepulveda Blvd Culver CityCA  90230
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