Chef Walters Cooking School - POTENZA RISTORANTE

Monday, April 10, 2017 - Saturday, April 15, 2017
Monday, April 10, 2017 - Saturday, April 15, 2017

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What's Included

3 COURSE ALL-INCLUSIVE PASSOVER SPECIAL DINNER / WINE, TAX & TIPS EXCLUDED Appetizers Brodo con polpette e uova per Pesach / Passover soup with chicken dumplings,carrots, celery, eggs and matzo Spinaci del Ghetto / Fresh spinach sautéed with olive oil and garlic,with pine nuts and raisins served with crispy matzoh Padellata alla Triestina / Fresh vegetable skillet with thyme, lemon and olive oil Carciofi alla Romana / Fresh baby artichokes with spinach, extra virgin olive oil and lemon Composta di Pomidori,Arugula and Radicchio / Fresh Salad of Tomatoes, Arugula and Royal Rose Radicchio with olive oil and basil Composta di funghi e melanzane con mentuccia / Salad of Portobello mushrooms, with roasted eggplant and mint Entrees Scacchi / Baby veal tenderloins blended with a ragú of fresh mushrooms & sage simmered in a veal and Madeira wine reduction Mina de Pesah / Roasted chicken breast layered with Asparagus, hard boiled egg and rosemary in wine glace with herb matzo crust Sogliola in padella con Pinoli,Uvetta ,Miele e finocchio / Fresh sole with pine-nuts, raisins, honey and braised fennel Dentice del Ghetto di Firenze / Gratin of Snapper & Spinach baked with nutmeg in a rich fish velouté and non-dairy cream sauce Cosciotto D'Agnello ai Funghi e vino rosso / Roasted leg of baby lamb braised with mushrooms, Red Zinfandel and Cloves Stracotto di manzo alla Piemontese / Piedmontese style pot roast cooked with garlic, rosemary and served with baby onions and beets Sweets Chocolate-hazelnut flour-less torte Almond and ricotta pudding Cassola Chocolate Pot de Creme made with non-dairy ingredients Apple and cinnamon Kugel

About This Organizer

Chef Walters Cooking School opened in the winter of 1995. Our philosophy has been the sharing of cultures, foods and diversities in the world of gastronomy. We focus on regionalism, nutrition, celiac and new flavors. Our motto" we teach everyone the art of cooking and living well". We have certainly succeeded. Our facilities are located in the center of the Historical Federal Hill Section of Providence Rhode Island. The school also include a television studio used for filming commercials, marketing segments and television cooking shows as well as team building seminars and cooking classes.
Our classes are for everyone interested in learning new techniques, flavors and ethnic diversity. Great setting, lively organization and entertainement. All classes are hands-on as well as demos and tastings. Certified Professional Master Chefs instructors with National and International reconition and Food Network winners. Awarded "Best Proprietary Cooking School" Currently with additional facilities in Dubai, Italy, Beijing.


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  • Chef Walters Cooking School

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