TEN Techniques to Reduce Transportation Expenses by MORE THAN 5% in LESS THAN 100 Days

Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 8:30 AM (PST)
Manufacturing Executive Institute Training Center 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880-6996
Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 8:30 AM (PST)
Manufacturing Executive Institute Training Center 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880-6996

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Why You Should Attend This 1-Day Workshop

The sum of inbound and outbound transportation costs average between 4% and 9% of revenue for most manufacturing and distribution companies.  Reducing this amount even 2% can dramatically improve gross margin, profitability, cash flow and customer satisfaction.  Companies that are intent on lowering total cost should not ignore cost savings opportunities in shipping and transportation.

This valuable 1-day Manufacturing Executive Institute 2nd Saturday - "Practical Capital Series" Workshop has been specifically designed to provide Ten Techniques to Reduce Transportation Expenses by MORE THAN 5% in LESS THAN 100 Days.  Participants will learn the "mechanics" of the 10 techniques as well as how they can successfully implement the techniques within their specific organizations.  Using lecture, illustrative case studies, participatory break-out sessions and exercises, this workshop will address:
  • Transportation in context of total supply chain.
  • Methods of transportation and when should each be used.
  • Cost elements of transportation… what are the controllable cost elements and what activities resist control.
  • Ten SPECIFIC techniques to reduce transportation expenses by more than 5% in less than 100 days, including:
  1. How to join an inbound freight consortium with contracted carriers and negotiated best rates.
  2. How to get audited freight invoices and consolidated billings.
  3. How to establish an inbound freight compliance policy that directs your suppliers to carriers you have selected, thereby increasing your volume leverage.
  4. Never use “Prepay & Add” terms… industry markup averages 40%!
  5. How to coordinate your inbound and outbound shipments in order to leverage more volume and reduce your carriers’ backhaul risks.
  6. How to negotiate “all-or-nothing” carrier agreements to increase pricing leverage on inbound and outbound freight.
  7. The best way to use the new USPS services now available to middle-market small package shippers.
  8. Ways to use fulfillment centers and return centers to reduce total transportation costs.
  9. Evaluating the economies of a second (proprietary or contract) warehouse to reduce total transportation costs.
  10. How to safely remove unnecessary packaging materials that can push your outbound shipments into higher weight classifications.
  11. BONUS TECHNIQUE… how to simultaneously avoid handling charges and build a larger volume base by establishing a third-party consignee billing account for suppliers that ship small-package shipments (under 250 lbs.) to you via United Parcel Service or FedEx.
  • The largest incremental transportation costs… backorders.  How backorders and small order size are disproportionately consuming your transportation dollars.
  • The role “cube” plays in reducing transportation costs… getting your engineering department to help you.
Technical, organizational and behavioral impediments to successful and rapid deployment of these techniques will also be addressed so that participants can return to their respective companies and begin implementation of these techniques the following Monday.

Workshop Instructor: Alan G. Dunn, President of GDI Consulting & Training Company.

Come to MEI's 2nd Saturday - "Practical Capital Series" workshop & learn specific management & leadership techniques that will lead to improvements in working capital, operating efficiencies and factory productivity.  Learn how to turn capital improvement theory into tangible actions to improve YOUR company's capital structure!

All learning materials, breaks and lunch are included in the single low price.  See the side bar for pricing and group discount information.

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The Manufacturing Executive Institute's 2nd-Saturday - "Practical Capital Series" Workshops are instructor-led 1-day programs conducted live at MEI's Corona, California Training Center on the 2nd Saturday of alternating months.  These programs are designed to provide SPECIFIC and PRACTICAL techniques that focus participants on the mastery of management and technical skills that will lead to improved working capital results.  Cost-of-Goods-Sold reductions, operating expense reductions, inventory reductions, accounts receivables collection improvements and supplier payment improvements are a few topic areas these workshops address.  Participants will learn relevant and immediately useful skills at a reasonable price without losing valuable time from work.

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Manufacturing Executive Institute Training Center 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880-6996
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