Significant Changes That Can Substantially Streamline the Procurement Function

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 10:00 AM (PST)
Manufacturing Executive Institute Radio MEI 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 10:00 AM (PST)
Manufacturing Executive Institute Radio MEI 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880

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Why You Should Attend This LIVE & INTERACTIVE 90-Minute "Modem Chat Series" Webinar

The Manufacturing Executive Institute is pleased to bring you this LIVE & FULLY interactive 90-minute “Modem Chat Series” Webinar - "Significant Changes That Can Substantially Streamline the Procurement Function."  This webinar is fully interactive, with instructors, moderator and all participants interacting over the webinar’s audio channel.

The purchasing function is undergoing dramatic changes as globalization of supply chains progress.  Never in the history of manufacturing has the performance of purchasing professionals meant so much to the manufacturing enterprise’s bottom line.  Never in the history of procurement has it been so important to laser-focus the purchasing professional’s efforts into value-adding activities and away from decades of built up time-wasting bureaucracy.  Unfortunately, many purchasing organizations are stuck doing many of the same tasks and activities performed in decades past.  This needs to change and change quickly!

This LIVE and INTERACTIVE 90-minute “Modem Chat Series” Webinar will present several SPECIFIC techniques for reducing the workload in the purchasing organization.  By streamlining this organization, it is hoped that purchasing professionals can spend more time and effort on the core objectives of purchasing, namely:
  • Securing reliable sources of supply
  • Securing the lowest possible TOTAL cost items
  • Insuring the quality of sourced material
The goal of this webinar is to identify and share SPECIFIC techniques and methods for simplifying (or outright eliminating) routine duties so purchasing professionals can focus more attention on these three important objectives.  The instructor will share streamlining methods he has observed and participants will be encouraged to share their ideas and views in a fully interactive LIVE web conference format.  Participants should be prepared to openly discuss their ideas and to interactively comment on other participant’s ideas presented during this LIVE webinar.

This program should be attended by anyone who is concerned with how to focus the purchasing department’s efforts on securing inexpensive, high-quality and reliable product; and NOT wasting time on non-value-adding activities.  This webinar should be especially useful to anyone who is implementing LEAN supply chain techniques.

Please consider attending this valuable "virtual" program.  Interact with other professionals and learn from the comfort of your home or office.  No need to travel... just attend this MEI “Modem Chat Series” Webinar! 

Instructor/Facilitator:  Alan G. Dunn, President of GDI Consulting & Training Company.

Learn from other professionals who have the same concerns as you.  Attend MEI's 90-minute "Modem Chat Series" webinars and interact with other professionals and an expert instructor.  Participate in this exciting new learning medium.

The Manufacturing Executive Institute presents numerous workshops and webinars each month.  To see listings and schedule of upcoming programs, go to or call (951) 736-2114.

About MEI's "Modem Chat Series" Webinars

MEI's "Modem Chat Series"
webinars are periodically scheduled webcast programs that are limited to 25 participants.  These LIVE webcasts are fully INTERACTIVE, allowing instructor AND participants to talk and be heard by all participants.  Instructors and participants have full visual access to teaching materials as well as interactive audio among themselves.  Participants will know the names and contact information of other participants.

All MEI "Modem Chat Series" interactive programs are coordinated live from MEI's webinar studio, "Radio MEI."  These "virtual" training programs are designed to address difficult to solve problems that manufacturing and distribution professionals face daily.  Topics are periodically chosen that lend themselves to a group training model that relies as much on the participants as the lead instructors.  Click here to view a list of upcoming "Modem Chat Series" workshops.        

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Manufacturing Executive Institute Radio MEI 140 North Maple Street, Suite 106 CoronaCA  92880
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