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Saturday, November 16, 2013
Cave USA CookevilleTN  38501
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Cave USA CookevilleTN  38501

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What's Included

CAVING-201 It's time to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes! This is an intermediate cave exploration course challenging you to go deeper and further than you have before. These caves are harder to explore and more physically demanding. We will be inside the cave for 8-14 hours depending on the trek we take.

This will be horizontal spelunking with no vertical except for vertical ladder pitches. Fifty percent (50%) of the cave travel will be crawling down rocks and crawling through tunnels. If we have an 8-mile trek then you will spend 4 of those miles on your belly. This course is intended for people who have some experience with caving and are interested in learning more skills beyond the beginner level.

• Minimum group size is 5; maximum group size is 20
• All cavers are expected to abide by the normally accepted rules of safe and conservation minded caving as outlined by the National Speleological Society (NSS)
• The cave we will visit must be treated as a unique natural resource, and nothing should be taken out of the cave except trash

Mandatory Gear:
• Helmet w/ Chin Strap
• Three (3) Sources of Light
• No Cotton Clothing
• Footwear w/ Good Grip & Ankle Support
• A Clean Change of Clothes When You Get Out
• 2-Litres of Water

Other Recommended Gear:
• Neoprene Socks
• Gloves
• Coveralls
• Elbow Pads
• A Small Pack
• Backpacking Style Lunch/Snacks

We assume that you’ve come this far in your spelunking career and have purchased and personalized your caving gear. The training consists of a 1 ½ -hour webinar that you can participate in from your smartphone, tablet or PC. At the end of the webinar we will choose the cave, meeting location and meeting time. We will visit a cave in either Putnam or White County.

• Climbing-101 or
• Approval by Plateau Eco-Sports

Begin 8am CST

About This Organizer

Welcome to Plateau Eco-Sports, home of your next High Adventure!

The Cumberland Plateau is home to the finest climbing/rappelling and whitewater paddling in the southeast featuring waterfalls, caves, gorges, National and State Parks, the Cumberland Trail, world-class musky/trout fishing, 3.8 million acres of Forest and 1200 miles of rivers and streams whose Eco-region represents one of the most bio-diverse land and water systems in the world.

Plateau Eco-Sports believes that our mountains, forests, streams and rivers have essential and inherent worth. They provide outdoor adventure, opportunities for learning, spiritual renewal, and a means to escape the chaos of everyday life. We specialize in outdoor education and adventure while promoting the protection, enjoyment and understanding of the wilderness.

We offer guided and unguided trips here in Middle Tennessee, for every ability level and outdoor interest-from backpacking and climbing to canoeing and kayaking and caving and fishing to name a few. Our goal is to teach people skills to safely enjoy the outdoors and to care for the outdoors in a responsible and knowledgeable manner.

Our Mission Statement: We work with people who want to go bigger, farther, higher in LIFE by increasing knowledge, confidence, and skills in High Adventure Eco-Sports. Browse our website and learn more about us and what we do. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding one of our adventure programs. You can also check out our Facebook page for photos and previous trips.

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Cave USA CookevilleTN  38501
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