Arduino: controlling DC motors (intermediate)

Columbus Idea Foundry

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Columbus Idea Foundry 421 W State St ColumbusOH  43215
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Columbus Idea Foundry 421 W State St ColumbusOH  43215

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Instructor: Andrew Frueh In this class we will use Arduino to control DC motors. This is a foundation concept for most robotic projects, and it's how you get things to move. Motors have particular power requirements and we will learn how to get them working without damaging your Arduino board. We will cover: using a basic 2-channel motor-driver, ◦ choosing a power-supply, building support circuitry, and easing for smooth motor operation. You will need: Your own Arduino board (or pre-purchase during registration if you register a minimum of 5 days before class), motor driver and DC motor (bring your own OR borrow class options) your own laptop with the Arduino IDE installed OR you can use one of our Linux computers with this ready to go. This is an intermediate-level class: you should have a basic understanding of Arduino (connecting the board, uploading code, etc.; either from our Intro to Arduino class or sufficient personal experience) and basic electronics knowledge (voltage, resistance, current, etc.). Email if you have any questions.

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The Columbus Idea Foundry is Ohio’s largest community workshop, maker space, and learning center.  We offer variety of conventional and high tech tools: wood shop, metal smithing and foundry, laser cutter & engraver, CNC ShopBot, electronics, jewelry, warm glass, photography, and more.

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Columbus Idea Foundry 421 W State St ColumbusOH  43215
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