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Columbus Unschooler's Co-Op - Fedderson Community Center

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Fedderson Community Center 3911 Dresden St. ColumbusOH  43224
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Fedderson Community Center 3911 Dresden St. ColumbusOH  43224

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What's Included

Position starts at beginning of class time and ends when the next class time begins. You need to generally know your way around the building, where our storage is, roughly where the classrooms are, etc. You can learn this at orientation. It is fine to sit and read, work on your computer, knit, etc. as long as you are attending to the following expectations. At the beginning of the class period, check each classroom. Make sure all volunteers are where they need to be. If one is late or missing without having notified the Volunteer coordinator, use the unassigned volunteers list to fill the empty spot and make a note for the volunteer coordinator that you have found a replacement. Be available in the hallway to provide teachers with any help they need - provide assistance or find someone who can Keep halls clear and kids moving - direct to class or free time area or find parent. If kids are being loud in the lobby or hall, direct them to the gym or auditorium If child wants to leave a class, escort them to their parent or a free play area and notify parent as to where their child is In an emergency, gather all family members from classrooms Before the rec center opens to the public, let unknown visitors know that we are having a closed activity Answer questions as necessary

About This Organizer

We are a family-centered group whose members seek to support each other and augment our children’s educational and social enrichment opportunities in a supportive, nurturing, hands-on classroom environment. Our intent is to provide a community where members can feel free to share unschooling ideas and resources, be supportive of one another, ask questions, and find encouragement and positive attitudes.  All parents whose children take classes serve in volunteer roles to make the program a success.


Our co-op is composed of a diverse range of families, and we request that members respect the diversity of the group. We have people on a few of the spectrums at our co-op.  Also at our co-op, gender is fluid.  The one thing we have in common is an interest in trying to do what is best for our children and our families. 

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  • Columbus Unschooler's Co-Op

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Fedderson Community Center 3911 Dresden St. ColumbusOH  43224
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