Grades 3-5 Rainbow Lanes

Kidzart Eastern Wake County - Rainbow Lanes

Monday, October 5, 2015 - Monday, November 9, 2015
Rainbow Lanes 850 NC Hwy 42 ClaytonNC  27520
Monday, October 5, 2015 - Monday, November 9, 2015
Rainbow Lanes 850 NC Hwy 42 ClaytonNC  27520

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What's Included

A safe, mistake free environment without criticism encourages students to take risks. Students relax, focus, see art from our different perspective and succeed with work that astounds them. To express and expand their minds to possibilities fear may have previously limited. Life skills learned through KidzArt: How to relax and reduce stress. How to express yourself in more acceptable ways than acting out How to rely on yourself How to see the world differently. How to "break down" complex life situations into manageable steps. How to welcome, work with and resolve "mistakes". How to have mastery and the experience of "I can do it!". How to create and appreciate beauty and ART. How to manage your time and use schedules.

About This Organizer

~~What do students do in a KidzArt class?

• Have fun while creating cool art to display
• Explore a broad range of art techniques and mediums
• Learn that problems can have more than one solution
• Choose variations for each project - not a "copy exactly" approach
• Learn techniques for focusing, relaxing, and reducing stress
• Gain drawing skills AND self-confidence
• Think creatively in a non-competitive environment
• Have access to high quality art materials used by artists
• Always be excited by new curriculum--both 2 and 3-D
• Enhance knowledge of other subjects (anthropology, science, geography etc)

Organizer Info

  • Kidzart Eastern Wake County

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Rainbow Lanes 850 NC Hwy 42 ClaytonNC  27520
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