Learning and Creating in Minecraft 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade

Kids Robotech Club - Mudpies & Lullabies:Celina

Monday, March 3, 2014 - Monday, December 15, 2014
Mudpies & Lullabies:Celina 710 South Oklahoma CelinaTX  75009
Monday, March 3, 2014 - Monday, December 15, 2014
Mudpies & Lullabies:Celina 710 South Oklahoma CelinaTX  75009

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What's Included

Learning and Creating in Minecraft This class will implement the 7 wonders of the world into the curriculum.Each wonder will be built on the basis of teaching the children a historical background, as well as open their eyes to different architectures of the world. Students will have an amazing time creating in a Minecraft world as they take a virtual tour of amazing architectural wonders. Kids get to learn and explore an amazing virtual world as they create, solve challenges and learn to work in groups to tackle age appropriate goals. All our programs are 36 weeks long (9months) broken into six 6 weeks session ,meeting once a week. 60mins classes meeting once a week for 6 weeks.No classes during Spring & Summer break. Please Note: All classes can be cancelled anytime the minimum student enrollment are not met.You will be offered alternative options or a full refund.

About This Organizer

Kids RoboTech Club offers after school Robotics and technology learning environment for Kids.We familiarize students in elementary and middle school with engineering and technology principles in a fun and invigorating way through robotics,app and game design.Its a place for kids to acquire a passion for, and skills with, technology, creativity, and teamwork that will enable them to take up and lead in tomorrow's tech-defined world with enthusiasm, vision, confidence, and ingenuity.


We focus on using robotics and game design as means to inspire children's interest and further challenge their intellect in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (S.T.E.M.), analytical, and strategic thinking .
Mission Statement:
Fueling, Reinforcing habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics and technology fun. Build a generation competitive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Build a hands-on science, engineering, and technology centric model for building and strengthening foundation in engineering for children from Grade 4 to 8.By introducing kids to robotics hands-on technology early,will prepare their ability to deal with complex technology in their future...
Learning Tools:
We choose the awarding winning LEGO® MINDSTORMS Robotics Technology, various science related and hands-on technology from LEGO Science Education division, and a visual-based programming language . The software facilitates progressive levels of learning environment for students from as young as 7-year-old, to a post-graduate.


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Mudpies & Lullabies:Celina 710 South Oklahoma CelinaTX  75009
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