3D Printer Certification

Maker Youth Foundation - Brownsburg Public Library

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Brownsburg Public Library 450 S. Jefferson Street BrownsburgIN  46112
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Brownsburg Public Library 450 S. Jefferson Street BrownsburgIN  46112

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What's Included

Participants will learn & apply the Engineering Design Process as they develop an understanding of 3D Printing and the ability to create printable 3D models, using a variety of software applications:   Repetier, TinkerCad, 123D Design, and Netfabb are examples of applications utilized in the design & modeling process and will be used to create and print 3D models. LEARN & EARN: 3D Printer Certification - Brownsburg Public Library
  • Design and Print 3D model (STL file) printable STL files
  • Safe operation & maintenance of 3D Printers
Workshop Learning Components
  • Discover & Imagine: Demonstrations & Guided Practice Activities will be used to deliver the content.
  • Experiment & Explore: Independent Practice Activities that allow students to apply knowledge to their area of interest, as they experiment with 3D design application and fabrication of designs.
  • Design & Create: Apply knowledge to complete design process to design a 3D Model of choice.
  • Test & Iterate: Evaluate and improve design to improve print quality.
  • Showcase & Collaborate: Load, Slice, and Print Design on 3D Printers!!!

About This Organizer

The Maker Youth Foundation has been established to inspire and empower individuals to develop a maker mindset for personal and community transformation.


Making encourages creative confidence, self-discovery and problem-solving through hands-on learning and experimental play in a community of learning. 


The Maker Youth Foundation is a resource for the making community. It advocates for maker education, research and funding for makerspaces.

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  • Maker Youth Foundation

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Brownsburg Public Library 450 S. Jefferson Street BrownsburgIN  46112
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