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Ethical Culture Fieldston School - Fieldston

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - Thursday, May 21, 2015
Fieldston 3901 Fieldston Rd. BronxNY  10471
Thursday, January 15, 2015 - Thursday, May 21, 2015
Fieldston 3901 Fieldston Rd. BronxNY  10471

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What's Included

The name says it all, right? A number of middle school students play and enjoy Rock & Roll music, but there doesn't seem to be a time or place for them to "jam" at school. After-school programming seems like a great opportunity to create such a space. In addition to being a fun and invigorating way to end a school day, this program could provide students an opportunity to make new friends, build upon a unique set of skills, and collaborate - musically, intellectually, and emotionally. Enrollment would be limited (6-8 students max) and based on the following: 1)- enthusiasm for the program, 2)-role availability, 3)- skill level. Students are responsible for bringing their own instrument (besides drums), and potentially subject to interview and auditions depending on instrument and registration. This program is not for beginners. - Ellie Bibas

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For over 130 years the Ethical Culture Fieldston School has been committed to excellence in education as it seeks to develop the intellectual, artistic and moral potential of its students. ECFS serves approximately 1,700 students and 325 faculty and staff in our four divisions. Ethical Culture, Fieldston Lower, Fieldston Middle, and Fieldston upper. Ethical Culture is located in midtown Manhattan on Central Park West, in a six-story, turn-of-the-century school building; the other divisions share an 18-acre campus in the Riverdale Section of the Bronx.

Through an academic program that is demanding, rigorous, and through, we encrouage our students to challenge themselves in innovative ways, so they can reach their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit. We approach education in an interdisciplinary, experiential, and colaborative way, helping our students develop a lifelong passion for learning and understanding of its relevance beyond the classroom. As ethical learning provides the foundation of all that we do, we emphasize our students' moral development, and guide them towards service and social justice. The admirable successes of our graduates in a wide range of fields - from the arts to the sciences, from business to public service - and their contribution to society, attest to the promise of ECFS realized.

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  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School

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Fieldston 3901 Fieldston Rd. BronxNY  10471
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