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2019 March SDRC Indoor Triathlon

Saturday, March 23, 2019
South Davis Recreation Center 550 North 200 West BountifulUT  84010
Saturday, March 23, 2019
South Davis Recreation Center 550 North 200 West BountifulUT  84010

About This Activity

The South Davis Recreation Center will be hosting our Indoor Triathlon on March 23rd, 2019. We are excited to open this event up to 90 participants who will be doing a timed version of the sport of triathlon. We will start with a 15 min swim, 10 minute transition, 25 min indoor bike on our spin bikes, 5 minute transition, and finish with a 20 minute run on the indoor track. This is a perfect opportunity to get an early jump on the sport of Triathlon and can serve as a gage, moving into the 2019 Race Season. We are excited to host this event and hope that our triathletes will take advantage of this opportunity to compete in the indoor setting of our Facility.

Event details and schedule

When: March 23rd, 2019

Where: South Davis Recreation Center

Time: 6:30 pm, with 6 waves of 15 participants each

Cost: $25 until February 6th then $30 with registration closing on March 20th @ 11:59 pm


This event is capped at 90 participants with a wait list email to:races@southdavisrecreation.com to get put on the wait list

Day before course review: 6:30 -7:00pm @ The South Davis Recreation Center


The participant who goes the greatest distance in a particular leg receives 100 points for that leg. All other participants will receive a percentage of those points based on their distance traveled in that leg. Each leg of the race counts equally towards the total score.

Example: participant 1 swims the furthest distance, 35 lengths; She receives 100 points. participant 2 swims 30 lengths; 30 ÷ 35 = .85 × 100 = 85; he receives 85 points. Swim + Bike + Run = total score. Final results will divide Men & Women in their own divisions. Any protests will be noted at the time they are recorded, but the judgment of the head ref of each portion of the event is final and no adjustments will take place to the racers score after the fact


 *winners will be overall in female and male 1st-3rd with the award being a comped entry into any 2019 race through our recreation facility. 

Organizer Info

Map & Direction

South Davis Recreation Center 550 North 200 West BountifulUT  84010
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