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Little Locheart Arts - The Boulder Art Therapy Collective

Sunday, August 30, 2015
The Boulder Art Therapy Collective 1400 Lee Hill Rd. Unit 7 BoulderCO  80304
Sunday, August 30, 2015
The Boulder Art Therapy Collective 1400 Lee Hill Rd. Unit 7 BoulderCO  80304

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What's Included

In this class, you will create your very own heart shaped box. These boxes are beautiful, functional and will leave you infused with a specific and intentional energy. A heart shaped box is very symbolic and can be used in a few different ways. If there is someone or some situation in your life that you wish felt better, was easier, or that you simply want to shift, it is said that writing a name or a few words about the shift you wish to make and leaving it inside the box will transform the situation or relationship. A heart shaped box is also a beautiful tool for manifestation. Pop a few written words describing your intention to create something specific into your box and wait for the magic to happen. Program fee: $80 which includes all materials and mimosas! Early bird price $64 (through June 30)

About This Organizer

Locheart Arts is working to inspire and create a robust arts community in Boulder, Colorado.  

We believe that opportunities to create and experience art contribute to a world that is inspired, beautiful, honest, and community driven.  We believe that the arts are a fundamental human need and should be accessible to all.


We proudly offer goods and services which, similar to the creative process,  manifest in a variety of ways.  Whether it be teaching children's art classes, consulting artists and arts agencies, or marketing our own work, all of what we do contributes to the local creative economy and inspires a more creative environment.


Little Locheart Arts serves families who have childcare needs during school days off, and during summer break.  Our children's program includes art exploration, outdoor playtime, cultural field trips, and an integrative curriculum.


We focus on materials exploration and believe we have the responsibility to utilize reclaimed materials whenever possible.  We offer children the opportunity to explore their own creative intuition, through art and science projects and balance these explorations with appropriate outdoor time.  We often follow a seasonal curriculum and use a contemplative approach to our teaching methods.  We engage in cultural field trips around the Boulder area to foster curiosity about our environment, to stimulate interest in the rich arts and cultural offerings that our community provides, and to gain knowledge and experiences, which influence the creative process.

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  • Little Locheart Arts

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The Boulder Art Therapy Collective 1400 Lee Hill Rd. Unit 7 BoulderCO  80304
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