Endurance Nation Ultimate Age Group TRI Seminar - Boston, MA

Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 11:00 AM (EDT)
Case Athletic Center @ Boston University (Room 16) 285 Babcock St. BostonMA  02215
Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 11:00 AM (EDT)
Case Athletic Center @ Boston University (Room 16) 285 Babcock St. BostonMA  02215

About This Activity

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What You'll Learn

Three sports, only so much time to train and so much to learn! Endurance Nation Coach Patrick McCrann will bring you several years up the learning curve on a range of subjects, saving you many, many mistakes and putting you on the triathlon fast track to your best season ever.

#1 - Swim Technique Session with Video Review

Coach Patrick will walk through Endurance Nation's Age Group Swim System, moving from Position / Balance in the water to Propulsion, helping you unlock the same free speed that has helped thousands of triathletes get faster with less time in the water. The session will include a brief video review and lecture; all participants will receive a video analysis of their swim stroke after the clinic.

#2 - Train for 40k TT & Have Your Best Bike Ever!

Using our proven power-based training system, Endurance Nation can help you make significant gains over the winter months by focusing your training on building your "fast" -- the effort it would take you to complete a 40k Time Trial. Leave long indoor trainer sessions to your competition. Training EN-style, you'll spend no more than 90 minutes on the bike in your longest weekly session and add 1 to 2 miles per hour to your average TT speed!

#3 - Triathlon Bike Fit, Race Day Setup, Cornering

Being fast on the bike is about more than just having the biggest engine; there are equipment, position, and aero considerations that all play a role in your overall bike time. Coach Patrick will outline the fundamentals of a good triathlon bike fit, and advise you on how to translate that into race day speed. Patrick will also discuss the importance of bike handling skills on race day to avoid losing speed, including cornering and descending.

#4 - Train for a 5k & Have Your Best Run Year Ever

Ignoring the call for more and more running volume is the only way to stay healthy across your lifespan as an endurance athlete -- no other discipline incurs the same physical toll on your body. Coach Patrick will outline the Endurance Nation Running with Pace approach, a strategic system of benchmarking and training to your high-end speed as a means of building critical off season fitness without the cumulative fatigue of excessive volume.

#5 - Running Technique, Hills, Heart Rate vs Pace

Great running is 60% fitness, 40% technique -- all the fitness in the world can't help you if your form is junk. Coach Patrick will outline the fundamentals of proper running form, including a critical pre-run skill session you can use to run at your peak. Patrick will also discuss how to train to run on race day, as well as the best way to manage hills and variable heart rate.

#6 - Season Planning for the Age Group Triathlete

Coach Patrick will walk you through our proven season planning process using several different case studies. He will highlight our “FAST then FAR” approach that has created incredible results by maximizing the race day return on investment for training time spent, while minimizing the mental cost across a long season. This will include information on key areas where you can add volume "pops" and other tricks to make sure you are 100% ready for race day!

#7 - The Instructor

Patrick McCrann is a professional triathlon coach, an Ironman World Championship finisher, and the co-founder of Endurance Nation, the leading online Age Group Triathlon Team and creators of the Team Coaching System. He has finished 18 Ironman events, including 5 in Hawaii, with a personal best of 9:27.

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More Details

Go to http://www.endurancenation.us/regional-swim-seminar-events/ or e-mail support@endurancenation.us


Public pays $249 for full clinic (or just $129 for seminars); the TeamEN members are eligible for refunds up to $50 off these prices!)

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Case Athletic Center @ Boston University (Room 16) 285 Babcock St. BostonMA  02215
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