2013 American Football Team Membership

Friday, January 4, 2013 @ 11:59 PM (EST)
Binghamton. NY PO Box 2041 BinghamtonNY  13902
Friday, January 4, 2013 @ 11:59 PM (EST)
Binghamton. NY PO Box 2041 BinghamtonNY  13902

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Team Membership fee for 2013 season is $100. This fee allows member teams to take advantage of the AFA's services.
American Football Assn Team Membership

Team membership of $100 per team to take advantage of the AFA's service for one year.

MEMBER TEAMS RECEIVE: -Opportunity to participate in the AFA’s 2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance Program; leagues receive insurance for league administrators with 100% team membership -Ambit Energy Fund Raiser (NY, IL, TX, MD, PA) -Team Funding Grant Opportunities via Prosper -Access to discount pricing on official Wilson NFL Footballs -Team listing on AFA’s website membership directory -Players from member leagues qualify for All American status and Gold Ball Awards -Personalized Gift Certificates with your logo that can be used for your fund raising raffles -Membership Certificates and Membership Cards -Opportunity for League Champions to advance for annual AFA National Championship and Bowl Game honors -National and targeted press releases via the AFA’s Press Release Engine® -Access To Your Own Stats Portal via Webgamestats -Quarterly Newsletter promoting AFA newsmakers -Product sampling opportunities from Active Advantage -Access to AFA membership logo products and the opportunity to sell your own products -Leagues with 100% membership receive AFA banners with team names and AFA logo -Opportunity to take advantage of legal service plans, medical and accident insurance plans -Raffle Fund Raiser Certificates for leagues with 100% team membership -Access to AFA sponsors, sponsorship programs and fund raising opportunities -Opportunity to submit nominees to AFA's Semi Pro Football Hall of Fame -Access to Merchant Services Accounts (credit card processing) -Website design & development via Phoenix Internet Services -Personalized Smart Phone QR Codes -NFL Yearbook Ad listing for AFA Member Leagues -Billboard Advertising for AFA Member Leagues via Lamar Outdoor

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Binghamton. NY PO Box 2041 BinghamtonNY  13902
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