Why You Should Commit to Player Development

If you are like most coaches you start out the season with a commitment to working on the fundamentals, which is great. I really believe that it is important to keep this as a focus throughout the season.

I find that a lot of coaches get caught up in the midst of the season and start focusing more and more on their sets, offenses and defensive systems. Obviously there is a need to have a an offensive and defensive system, but I think what many people forget is that in the face of adversity and in pressure situations people will almost always revert to their instincts in which their fundamentals are deeply rooted in.

So when you get to January and Billy turns the basketball over under pressure is it fair to hold a player accountable for something he was never taught? Maybe it was showed to him, but was he drilled repeatedly until it becomes part of who he is as a basketball player?

You will be amazed at how much it will help your team to work on passing the basketball under pressure for maybe 10 minutes a day during the season. Make a commitment to long-term player development and it will pay off in the long run.

Remember that America's hottest offense might look unstoppable on paper, but it won't work unless your kids can handle the ball, pass under pressure and have great footwork. It might not show up until the state tournament, but when times get tough is when your team will truly reveal how fundamental they are.

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